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Death has been walking amongst the stars for eons and eons before lucid comprehension existed. From the moment of our birth, death travels with us, hidden in the oceans of our consciousness. The early man saw the finality of death in many different facades, thus admiration, fear and awe rose in the primal mind.

Ancient tribes worshiped death and the dead with sacrificial blood spilled on crudely fashioned altars, screaming and mourning their ritual anguish, so that the dead may gather and eat the spilled life.

Death is not simply the event or transformation of energies, but the end of a single moment or memory, that leads to another and another. Why is true Necromancy, such a feared and fascinating practice? Simply put, every culture in the world has had a hand in it. Necromancy is the only practice in the Occult that is practiced throughout the world, as a complete magical system. From Asia, India, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, South America, America, and the list goes on and on.

What all these cultures have in common as well, is that Psychopomps have played a visible role in the art of Death.

Necromancy and the Necromancer has traveled from candle to candle in history and even today, with the various forms of Neo-Paganism, has found its way within their folds. There is simply no older practice than Necromancy – Fact.

There is more proof of the dead walking with the living, than any other being, god, or entity. In our experiences as necromancers and Mediums, it cannot be denied that Death and the dead, walk hand-in-hand with life and the living.

There are a lot of authors in circulation that claim to be necromancers or mediums etc. But in truth, these individuals have based their writings on the works of other authors and obscure grimoires.

For those who want to learn the Arcane Necro-Arts, simply find yourself an Adept teacher that is willing to instruct you on the subject matter. We do not recommend this subject to the foolhardy or Bad-ass wannabe with delusions of grandeur. You WILL end up dead, demented, or both.

LVX- Patrick Gaffiero


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