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My Way - Follow me if you dare

I recognize that there are many paths and mentors out there, all have their perception of their truths, some will argue that they know best, others will sell you an idea, their idea of how your life should be.

As I traveled and met many in the Occult realms, I always stood fast by my beliefs … buy the no-frills approach magick I had been thought… magick that was based on results, truth, and not the creation of an illusion through deception.

Arrogance I hear you say, no, is the simple answer but assertion of the foundations on which I built this house! As far as for these so-called spiritualists, Magickans, my approach remains …not my circus, not my monkeys. But let’s not digress...

The art of dominating oneself includes the stopping of giving power to others over you. Both comments and actions of others, out of one’s control, do not have an effect on oneself. It is certainly not easy because man is dominated, whether it is by fear or pleasure, vanity or insecurity. We can choose to ignore an offensive comment but how we enjoy a good compliment or caress, right?

I won't deny you that a hug or caress can be neither good nor sincere, but these actions move us because we've been used to and conditioned, giving value to others when congratulating us instead of asserting ourselves.

Let it not be misunderstood, of course, that one must become apathetic to life itself, but one must develop the Greek <<Apatheia>>, the tranquility of encouragement through equanimity in the face of pleasure and pain. If you understand this, and what its management entails, then you'll start developing that Greek <<Phroairesis>>, that ′′ inner control locus ′′ achieving control over your emotions and thoughts. You understand, then, the meaning and value of sharing emotion and not needing others to wake it up in you.

Discipline requires a lot of will, sacrifice, and effort, it's true, but it doesn't compare to the regret you'll later carry for not having done it. Maybe today doesn't mean much to you, but it's the sum of all those little sacrifices that will make great things happen. The devil is in the details: trust in time, which is where greatness dwells.

Across the years, I developed a list or summary if you will, of the foundations I built to hold up the Magick that had developed. Take from it or not as you will and see fit.

1.Love under Will and without compassion;

2. Your time is not my time and your death is not my death: it is not linear but they can be superfluous and banal to you;

3. Life precedes death as this case to life;

4. Darkness is the mother of all things; wisdom, father and crown;

5. No pain no learning: that's the real consciousness. Fear and ignorance are the real unconsciousness;

6. Consciousness is gestured of communion between the heavenly, the earthly and the abysmal;

7. In death there is wisdom, and in life beauty is hidden; 8. Existence precedes the essence: understand, that the point is the abyss and primary water from where fire and light (alchemical sun) is born: but do not confuse this water with earthly water, because of the cold universe have born all other gods and elements; Consciousness defines reality;

10. Chaos is an opportunity and before-room of change. Without consciousness, there is no transformation;

11. Black, Grey, Green and Dark Blue are my colors;

12. If you avoid living in today you will lose tomorrow what you have built since yesterday;

13. Justice is the highest form of love toward oneself: by honoring yourself in this way, you will honor reason and your Self-Being superior;

14. Generation, destruction, and regeneration are the virtues of the upper triangle. Life, death, and reintegration are inferior virtues;

15. The celestial forces are the same as the terrestrials and the underworld, but the subtlety among them are found in their frequency and vibration;

16. Do not desire to be a Sun and shine if you are not willing to burn in your own hell: Satan, Shiva, Seth, Chronos, Saturn, and Tezcatlipoca, are various faces of my divine self, which is not mundane and nor profane. They are not simple dark gods, they are sinister and righteous when they have to operate under their law of dark divinity and not under yours; desecrating them is desecrating yourself in a thousand ways.

Ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero

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Dawid Szabłowski
Dawid Szabłowski
Jun 21, 2020

Thank you for the direction. We are going together 🙏👌

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