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Mirror Magick – The Art of Scrying

Scrying means to be able to foretell the future by using a crystal ball or other reflective surfaces such as a mirror. This word originated in the early 16th century, the shortening of the word “descry” meaning to catch sight.

Since the beginning of time man has always been fascinated by his own reflection when gazing into reflective objects such as water, glass, metal, polished stones, crystals, and others. This fascination has sparked a wide variety of superstition, myth, and legend surrounding the use of mirrors in the Occult. Mirror Magick can be traced all the way back to ancient times, as mirrors were believed to be portals to unseen worlds. Depending on your background and belief system, mirrors can be used for many different reasons, rituals, and spells.

One well-known superstition is that the breaking of a mirror would result in seven years of bad luck. This superstition derives from the Roman era. Romans believed that life/soul renewed itself every seven years. Therefore the individual looking into the shattered mirror would experience difficulty renewing its life/soul.

There were many rituals created to counteract this seven-year curse. Some Romans believed that by immersing the broken pieces in a south-flowing stream for seven hours that it would break the curse. Others believed that by grinding all the pieces into fine dust, it will stop the curse from taking effect. The individuals that would perform these rituals to offset the curse of a broken mirror were known as Specularii.

I have come across many different superstitions during my occult travels concerning mirrors and the powers found within them. This was particularly interesting because these beliefs didn’t come from just practitioners of the occult. These beliefs come from many different individuals with a variety of backgrounds and religious beliefs. So dare I say …we all have a bit of magick inside of us.

The truth is I could go on forever about mirror magick, the many different cultures and rituals found all over the world. Mirror Scrying is a deep-rooted practice done by many. For many in the occult but not all, the mirror is tied to the moon and water. This is because the moon reflects the sun's energy combining them, thus becoming a very powerful source of energy for the practitioner when conducting rituals.

The representation of water is due to the purity and cleansing properties it represents. When combining such energies as the sun, moon, and water, it is believed to give the practitioner the ability to call on or use specific spirits or energies through the portal that is the mirror. There are many different mirrors that be used but the ideal mirror should be round and frameless.

All aspiring Occultists should consider developing the art of scrying. It is where a magician receives images and messages from a higher divine source such as the higher self, or other spiritual entities. The messages are received through images shown in a medium such as Crystals, Stones, Mirrors, Water, Fire, or even smoke.

With practice, one can receive powerful guiding images from the self, as well as from higher spiritual guides and forces. Some people even use the art of Scrying for contacting entities such as Demon or other heavenly creatures. Scrying is also a form of divination as you can use it to reveal images of other people and where they are headed in life.

Black magicians use a form of Scrying involving a Black Mirror for evocation rituals. This actually makes the evocation simpler to perform as the entity has an easier time appearing on the astral plane and can send messages to the magician in a more effective fashion.

There are some requirements for scrying though, you need to have the ability to focus and concentrate. When scrying, you will start by intently focusing on the object of which you wish to receive images. Your attention must be focused on the object for a connection to be made between you and the astral images you will receive.

Once a connection is formed, the object will brighten and become your focal point, while everything else around you will haze out and become but a black mist. At this point, you will begin to see visions within the object.

To begin learning the art of scrying the first thing that you need to do is figure out what medium you wish to use. There are lots to choose from, usually, it is an object with a reflective surface, but whatever feels right for you. My object of preference is black obsidian or a mirror.

Once you have selected the medium you wish to use, it is important that you take the time to develop your concentration so that you can scry with maximum efficiency. You will have to gaze at the object with an intense focus to enable you to connect to higher forces.

As contact is established the object will illuminate and be your entire focal point. Everything around you will go hazy and you will begin to see images within the object. Pay attention to what you see as all details are important. Should you not be successful on your first attempt don’t let it worry you as this skill takes time to develop, persevere as practice makes perfect.

Mirror magick is a very ancient belief and one that can be found all over the world. It can make you ponder many questions whilst learning about mirror magick. So is it true? Do mirrors possess the power to connect with the other side and the realms found within them? Will they give us the answers we seek when gazing at them? Many believe so!

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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