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Mentoring and One’s Path

In my journey across the Occult realms, I have been privy to mentors that have driven my ability to the stars and beyond. Through Middle Eastern, Asian, and European styles of magick, I have experienced both the incredulous, terrifying and wondrous. In search of a soul I had lost to fate, I ended up finding my own.

One might say that it is not a very common lifestyle to associate yourself as an Occultist. So I find myself alone in a way, yet surrounded by many, and I have given the unofficial title to people who for all practical purposes demonstrate what I hold as the key qualities of an Occultist, but they do not realize they are among us.

I will never forget the day my mentor taught me a valuable lesson. You want to learn about different ways from one who walks the path, he said. Be mindful of this, anyone can say they have worked with an entity, but you want someone who is committed to their path to reveal the essence of that entity.

This was very wise of him, I realize that now. I know the path that I walk; it is with demons, among them. Excelling in any area means to have to go deep over wide, and that means that your expertise is focused and committed. That does not mean you cannot learn from others or learn from other entities. Demons are my path, they are where my heart is and belongs and they are where I put the majority of my focus.

There are many experts out there, in many different fields, but no one is an expert in all, and those who claim to have knowledge in all must surely realize that true commitment and mastery sometimes involves leaving other paths behind. When you focus and commit yourself to an area of expertise it means that you are striving for mastery. You devote an insane amount of attention and focus on a very particular area of research. This does not mean you have to give up exploration of other areas, but that mastery and that commitment to one's path, one's calling, it takes you deep into that path to reveal layers that are sometimes hidden. Committing yourself in a highly focused way creates mastery. It allows an understanding and unlocking of certain secrets.

It is indeed intriguing when you get diverse people together on different paths that have come at this with the same level of commitment to their path. When you combine minds and explore topics and ideas, you can unlock even more secrets. My path has always been with demons, I know about them as individuals, I understand their mindset, I understand their culture, which is my path.

My mentor taught me that day that to be a master, means you have to let go of mastery in all areas and focus on where your heart calls. He also taught me that the intellectual minds of many masters can come together and solve incredible mysteries, and it is through working with those who have mastered their path that you gain understanding and wisdom.

When you want to learn about a topic, look to those who walk that path, who live it, and breathe it, understand it from the depths of their soul. They are the ones that can teach you. I am constantly on the lookout for those who have mastered their own paths so that I can learn from their divine wisdom, people who are walking in those worlds, and have their own journeys to share.

When you want to learn something new, look for someone who walks the path of which you wish to learn.

We might all agree that Opiate addiction is an epidemic across the world today. It’s destroyed many thousands of lives and often ended them. It’s thrown people into poverty, wrecked families, and corrupted countless souls. This is a terrible thing.

For some of us, it can also sometimes be a wonderful thing. Because this thing is also a her. And she is beautiful.

One of the darker deities I have worked with over the years is The White Lady—the goddess of drug addiction and fatal overdose. By making sacrifices upon her altar, my enemies are ensnared by her seductions and annihilated in slow, humiliating, and agonizing ways. She seduces, she enslaves, she devours. She has no pity. If the grave has a mouth, she is its kiss.

And she really can’t wait to get to know you. But that will have to wait for another time …

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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