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Luciferianism - The Spiritual/ Political Alternative

God has killed so many people, innocent (first-born sons of the Egyptians) kids, etc., because they didn't worship him. What makes him better than Lucifer?

He isn't better. That's the irony. Which points to the lack of follow-through in thought in regard to the text from the Bible/Quran/etc.

God would be tried for rape, murder, torture, etc., if he was human. Even if a human was capable of being the sole creator of each and every one of us, just the simple fact of him/her being human would mean that he/she is now subject to the same laws and principles that we ourselves follow.

The only thing that mitigates his actions is power. Theists who believe in that type of God are saying "power and ownership = morality and righteousness".

That's all it is and maybe a little more...

You can't judge God because God created you? Power. Ownership.

You can't judge God because God is perfect? Power.

Everything else gets lumped into "God works in mysterious ways".

The difference is that people who believe in the Christian/Islamic/Jewish God think they can influence him to intervene in their favor by flattery. There’s no point worshipping Lucifer because that’s not going to help you evade the nasties. Worshipping God supposedly is. So, some people do it out of fear, and others do it because the thought of being on the side of naked, unrestrained power gives them a kick.

But most people who regard themselves as believers don’t worship at all. They may go through the motions at church, but very few of them even do that anymore. They’ve discovered that it’s degrading and realized that any god worth having is not going to get any jollies from being told how super-duper it is. Only the insecure need that.

People who tell us how important it is to worship their gods are still thinking like Bronze Age subjects of a capricious and violent tribal leader.

I think that if the story of Lucifer is to be believed, one must accept the more than probable possibility that we are missing something from the story. If we, man, who have not directly interacted with God (mostly) can understand that God is the ultimate power, why then would an archangel who is above us in every way (intelligence, knowledge), and has personally interacted with God, would he attempt to defeat him? Even if his goal wasn't to defeat God, he would know that God could undo him instantly.

My point is that things don't add up. If man understands the foolishness of defying God, an Archangel will surely understand this as well. There must be a reason why he did this.

Food for thought!

Patrick Gaffiero


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