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Luciferianism on National TV

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the MALTESE PUBLIC that has so openly shown their support after the TV interview on Tlettax broadcast on national TV. I am inundated with messages of support both from those that resonated with my words and also those that their faith is other but admired my guts to stand and talk openly about my beliefs in a very hostile environment given the country is predominantly Roman Catholic.

To those that felt offended, I would like to say that no offence was meant and that in today's world there is space for all kinds of belief. The only thing that one should be careful of is those that propagate goodness and perform evil.

I am not contrary to Christ's teachings only contrary to an institution that hides behind his teachings to perform the most unspeakable acts. Is this to say that all that form part of that institution is wrong? Absolutely not, but as they say the fish stinks from its head downwards.

So, once again Malta, thank you for your support, this would have been unheard of several years ago, thank you for openly and privately sharing with me your wonderful words.

A huge thanks goes to Clara Farrugia that had the sight and entrepreneurship to pull this off. The PBS have a jewel they should cherish as it is harder to row against the tide than in its favor.

Should the PBS ever decide to subtitle the interview (conducted in Maltese) I will share it on wider forums for all to view.

LVX - Patrick Gaffiero 34th Generation High Priest - Church of Lucifer


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