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Luciferian Witchcraft

To fully grasp who I am I had to destroy my mortality. To take it up and kiss it goodbye, then plunge it down into the Embers of my Soul. From there, my Witch fire was rekindled. My power flared and my soul shined. And since then, my magick has only gotten stronger.

I have tamed my Death. I have separated it from myself, and it now exists alongside me. It is an entity, separate from me, yet stitched to my very existence. I speak of my immortal Fetch but relinquished by the Flames of Hell. It is rejuvenated, empowered, and embodied within me, yet surpassing my mortal flesh. My Death has shown me my Soul and taught me to use it, and in turn, the Liberator sparked my flame and covered me in the coals. I am a Witch.

The Witch works isolated and lives outside the natural order of society, in order to focus inward. Witchcraft complements the philosophies and works of the likes of Crowley; Anton Szandor Lavey, and the English occultist Austin Osman Spare, who created a unique system of Sigil Magic.

One of the central rites in Luciferian Witchcraft is the Dragon within the Triangle of Darkness, an evocation circle for the meeting of Daemon and Man and Woman, “to uplift and envenom their spirit with the Adversarial Gnosis.” The Adversary challenges and tests; the initiate descends into darkness and chaos to emerge as a Luciferian Bringer of Light. The black magick and witchcraft of the Luciferian tradition involve the shadow aspects of the sorcerer’s own psyche. A permanent pact is made with the forces of darkness and chaos, and a Sigillum Diaboli is imprinted upon the body, mind, and spirit. The goal is a path of self-development in Light.

When you desire a fine red wine to accompany a great meal you are preparing, you search for quality. Over the years, your experience will tell you what years, districts, and what method of harvesting you prefer, and also which wine pairs well with what food.

Likewise, interaction with other occultists is an acquired taste. Simply finding people who disguise themselves with being Occultists, or donning exotic names such as DarkLord666, or just calling themselves ‘Satanist’ prove no better than the profane mass-produced cardboard wines that sell in the supermarket. For a wise man once did teach me that “The Occult is like a market”.

Following that line of thought, an Occultist is likely to visit many markets, many of dubious nature, some ill-equipped to serve a sophisticated taste for quality.

Luciferians enjoy quality. And quality is expensive, since time, effort, and careful consideration must go into any product that is to have any quality. In the modern industry, mass-production made it possible to make products of reasonable quality at a lower price.

For mundane things, like bottles or cars, mass-production is fine. For finding spiritual people or those on their path to Gnosis, the likes of Luciferians, the fast-food method just doesn’t cut it.

As in the myth of Gnostic creation, it all comes down to awakening from the slumber of blissful ignorance to take the steep and slippery hill down into the abyss, before one can realize that the only way out, is the way in, and the way in is a journey to rediscover your true potential as a lover of divine quality, one that appreciates all that is good in the Universe, to reclaim the throne as the rightful God in the heavens for, after all, Thou art God!

If I see people, who work, think, are alive and awake, and who act and respond intelligently, then there is hope in my heart.

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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