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Lucifer IS the Son of God

There is a distinguishing difference in meaning between Jesus and Christ. His given name was Jesus; his honorific title was “Christ.” In his little human body called Jesus was born the vast Christ Consciousness, the omniscient Intelligence of God omnipresent in every part and particle of creation. This Consciousness is the “only begotten Son of God,” so designated because it is the sole perfect reflection in the creation of the Transcendental Absolute, Spirit, or God the Father.

It was of that Infinite Consciousness, replete with the love and bliss of God, that Saint John spoke when he said: “As many as received him [the Christ Consciousness], to them gave he the power to become the sons of God.”… (The Hidden Truths in the Gospels

― Paramahansa Yogananda)

By the definite science of meditation known for millenniums to the yogis and sages of India, and to Jesus, any seeker of God can enlarge the caliber of his consciousness to omniscience—to receive within himself the Universal Intelligence of God.

Lucifer is the Son of God. He has had many names as Lucifer is really a title. After his fall, he was called Adam. When he came again, his name was Jesus Christ. He died for the sins of the world because he was held responsible for putting humans in sin.

Lucifer was maybe also a reference to the Book of Watchers, where these angels were hired to watch over humans until they lusted over human girls with the end result being these girls gave birth to the Nephilim, the huge giants. The leader of the watchers was Samyaza.

Inanna could be referenced to the morning star in the Sumerian religion. But there is a hymn where the goddess, Inanna, descends to the underworld. She can fall from the heavens and come back the next day. Just like Venus itself! In Greek and Roman mythology, the morning star is often personified and seen as a God.

We all have one true father, one Lucifer preparing them all. Satan controls the unclean hearts of desire, chaining what the phainur shall release, her ancient veil released, nothing born free, from fall to fall. Kingdom morning is rising, break the tears, greet him smiling. Every attempt at organizing for the sake of understanding the creator will fall short.

This is why every dogma, every system that attempts to hold in place, that which is in constant evolution, is in an endless error loop. While those who benefit from its control constantly reiterate their convictions stating their beliefs as the true and last word. While true spirituality is freedom.

My point is, is that true spirituality (which every religion is based on) is not rooted in the duality of fear. Although modern spirituality is a vague term, use your own guidance. Be free from dogmatic ideas and allow others to tell you what is good for you. Be free from the fear of being fooled by modern anything, because choosing for yourself your path.. is shedding being fooled by the indoctrination and limitations of culture.

Now with that said there will always be those who are in service to themselves and so perpetuate compassion and oneness and the other things people hold sacred, but this is true of every form of gatherings.

Luciferianism is about seeking knowledge from both within and without. Free to Act, but Accepting of Consequences. Pursuit of Wealth and Living in Prosperity. Accept and Glorify Primordial Carnal Nature. Cruelty Has Its Place When It is Warranted. Focus on the Present Day. Enlightenment is the Ultimate Goal.

The thing about Luciferian ideology is the fact that Luciferianism expresses individualism and the finding of one's true self. Luciferianism isn't black and white like the Abrahamic religions, and it also doesn't have a dogma. Concepts like "right" and "wrong" are subjective and are based according to what is best suited for the individual. Luciferianism conforms to what is best suited for the individual practitioner. For example, if the goal of an individual's life is enlightenment, then the ideology encourages them to be enlightened. If the goal is to be happy/at peace, then the goal is confirmed as such.

The Luciferian doctrine also does not subjugate its practitioner to blindly (to lightly put it) believe and follow a deity. Luciferians can be atheistic or theistic if the practitioner chooses to be. Another thing is that there is no threat of eternal damnation if they are not a part of the ideology, or they don't follow every law to the T. Unlike Christianity and Islam, Luciferianism's overall goal isn't to convert the masses, but instead, its job is to improve the conditions of the individual, and encourage enlightenment over ignorance.

Luciferian practice is a state of mind. Its practices are an approach in one's life, and rather a philosophy one could find in a pamphlet shared freely in a bookshop for finders keeper's because it is more of… breaking the barrier to make you think about what you usually wouldn't consider!

Ain Soph Aur - Patrick Gaffiero

34th Generation High Priest

Church of Lucifer

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Dec 23, 2022

Excellent! Informative yet simplified. Thank you

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