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Life Matters

Suicide is not the cycle of life and evolution that you choose to do at any time. You choose to connect with the earth to be one with your fellow human beings because in a previous life you struggled to connect with others and you decided this time would be different.

You knew staying would be difficult but you promised to see it through because you are strong and you knew that before you also left far too early.

You have so much to offer the healing of this earth. You are super intelligent and LOVE is inside you. You are connected to the multidimensional reality on many levels of intelligence. Your words and intentions are most powerful In creating your life.

If you program your earth's body to die at any age then it knows no better than to make it happen.

It is not for I to speak deeply about anyone's reality but my own because all is within oneself but it is for I to tell you that death is a reset switch that must not be taken lightly. Till death do us part and we meet again.

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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