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Knowledge from the gods is not meant for humans?

The Book of Thoth is the legendary book, supposed to have been written by the Egyptian god Thoth himself, the god of knowledge and writing. It contained two spells, one to communicate with animals, and one to communicate with the gods.

Originally hidden at the bottom of the Nile and guarded by a serpent, it was retrieved by an Egyptian prince Nefrekeptah, who defeated the serpent, in turn, the gods killing his son and wife. He committed suicide and was buried with the book. Many years later, along came another prince named Setna and tried the same, only to meet a beautiful woman who tricked him into killing his children. He discovered later that it was an illusion conjured by Nefrekaptah’s ghost, resulting in the book being returned to its resting ground.

Many wonder why initiation in our circles is necessary. People find they do have to put in time and effort even though the likes of Crowley and other occultists have walked this path before, their views and interpretations require experience to try and follow. Many people believe Crowley managed to teach just that, his worldview, nothing else. Others take his work as a guaranteed path to success, whether they apply the knowledge to their own or simply follow it to the letter.

But I digress, so back to the original thought, the ancient idea that “Knowledge from the gods is not meant for humans”. So, Luciferians, are we humans? Are we gods? Or transitioning from one to another? Or both at the same time, but only just realizing our godliness?

My teacher of the dark arts, himself a well-versed Occultist, once told me: “Happiness is not the meaning of life. Religion was created out of suffering. You don’t try to explain happiness and then go what the heck happened? No! People who are suffering will start to wonder what the hell is going on”.

Bearing that in mind, maybe just maybe, our role in the midst of things is not to bring happiness or salvation, but to serve as an alternative, to bring knowledge of what is good and evil. This in itself carries a huge responsibility, the potential to bend every rule, and accomplish any goal, transcending every obstacle, since one of the few things that can penetrate space, time, and matter, is knowledge, ideology, and symbols.

One day maybe we will control time, matter, and energy, but today we still live in carbon-based bodies that need water and nutrients just like vegetables. True Luciferians are amongst the only ones with the potential to bring forth their own understanding of this knowledge.

Em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero

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