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Know your Demons

Demons are individual beings, in the Demonosophy path, there is the recognition that each demon is unique, just like each god on other pantheons is unique. They all have their own likes and dislikes, we honor that, we don’t try to use them to justify our habits and behaviors (many people do this, demon are proponents of a more healthy lifestyle and on the LHP we try to walk free of all bindings and addictions, so don’t assume that just because a demon hasn’t said anything about a habit that they are ok with it, or would accept it as an offering).

We know that each one has different likes and dislikes that we must respect. It is important to really get to know the individual demon before attempting to work with them. Learn about them so that you can approach them in a way that is respectful to them.

Demons have their ritual preferences.…. Some demons like a quiet intimate setting, others like a grand elaborate ritual. Knowing what the demon you are approaching likes is a sign of respect. It is important to honor what it is that they like when you are connecting with them and especially if you are seeking favors from them. Know the demon that you are calling forth and know what it is that they are looking for.

Be Polite, manners go a long way, when asking a demon to come forward and speak to you, do not command them and order them around, this is the fastest way to get a smackdown. Respect goes a long way and when you are curious and polite with the demons they will be more receptive to your requests. I full-heartedly advise against older archaic rituals where demons are bound and blasted with blasting rods. I highly advise against these rituals and promote a softer more respectful approach. Don’t command them or threaten them. Your manners, practice humility, and humbleness, it will go a long way when connecting with them.

Honor them… These are incredibly divine and powerful beings, just because they are Dark does not mean that they deserve any less than any other god, they should be honored and revered for who they are. If your demon does not like something do not offer it to them. It is recommended that you should not drink alcohol before working with certain demons. Take the time to connect to their energies and honor them for who they are


Remember you are standing before a very powerful entity…. when a demon chooses to appear to you or come to you in a ritual this is a divine godlike being, know why you have sought counsel with them, know what their reason is for being here, and respect them, their rank, and also their time. They are coming to you at your request, honor that, and be grateful for the time that they have allotted you.

Use your common sense… Treat them as you would want to be treated, that is the most important thing, if you would not like to be treated in a certain way, it is more than likely they don’t want to be treated that way either. Use your common sense, research, know your space, know why you are calling them, and thank them for showing up.

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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