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Keeping Safe

Keeping safe, having an understanding of this can prevent a lot of people from getting injured along their spiritual journey. With any spiritual path, I always recommend that you get a strong foundation, Grounding, Light/Dark Balance, Shielding, and Mental Mastery. These skills grow with you and are necessary for some entities but you do not need them for others, still, it is good to have them. They are your base skills.

Let us take an instance when a high-level entity contacts you, they have the wisdom to impart upon you and a desire to teach you so they will reach out and contact you. Usually, when this happens they come to you in a dream, manifest, or find other creative ways to reach out to you. In these situations more often than not, you will have been walking a spiritual path towards these entities and captured their attention through your devotion and actions so they make the connection.

Sometimes though you do have to be careful and listen to your instincts.

Should an entity contact you that you have no desire to work with and no call for, or you get an odd feeling and feel something is wrong, then listen to your gut, take things slow and ask entities you are more at ease with to assist you. If you are praying to Ba’al and one day he comes to you, he has heard your call and you can feel safe. If someone appears and you have not had a desire to work with them and you feel off and uncomfortable, what I always say is follow your instincts, the sacral chakra has great ability to detect when something is wrong, it is best to back away and take some time to evaluate the situation. Never stretch yourself outside of your comfort zone as that is where you can get hurt.

When you feel drawn or compelled to work with an entity it is the opposite, you are seeking and reaching out for guidance. You can tell pretty quickly when an entity doesn’t like you.

When an entity does not want to work with you, you will usually be able to tell, if you try to invoke them you will feel uneasy and almost sick to the stomach by their energies. That is a sign that they are incompatible and that either your energies are clashing or they have no desire to work with you.

People get hurt when they do not heed these early warnings and go ahead and try to contact these beings because they think it is cool, or they are dabbling or they think they are invincible and nothing will happen. Well, bad stuff can happen; I have direct experience with that even though I know my skills and I know my abilities, do not ever call on an entity who you feel is not compatible with you. They will let you know far before you actually connect with them, so listen to your gut, and never rush into things.

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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