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Journey Of An Occultist - Revelations

I feel that the time is right to start thinking of a biography written so that I can set some records straight. But before that is even considered in full, let me give you a further glimpse into the extraordinary life of strange occurrences I have led. The product that I am today is derived from many different facets that influenced and molded me. I am and remain in parts also a bi-product of the Catholic Church, but not the mainstream Catholic church, oh no.. Having spent the early part of my life surrounded by nuns and priests, there was bound to be some influence exercised.

But the significant factor came when I spent time under the tutelage of the Jesuits. I was one of their top academic students, excelled at sports, but better still, I was different, with a recorded history across the years of unnatural occurrences surrounding me.

This interested the Jesuits very much so, for they had their affiliations with a religious cult…the secretive yet seemingly to the world at large, a rather harmless but devout organization, Opus Dei. You see the Church had become very proficient in condemning stuff like let’s say pedophilia … they condemned it but partook in it, the same was for so many other topics, magick being included as one of them.

Whilst I will not divulge (for now) about my time in the folds of this organization, many of my Wednesdays were spent at school when our school was shut, as we used to have classes on a Saturday morning instead. As the Masons in years to come labeled me as a rising star inside Freemasonry, the Jesuits were sitting on a much-coveted pupil, and their aim was not solely academically but further afield.

I had entered the Jesuit school through scholarship, it was, after all, the leading college in our country at the time. It has produced nearly all of our most prominent people for decades. A disciplined, academically focused, sports-minded war machine that left nothing standing in its wake.

So here we were, outside of school my extra-curriculum activities involved being mentored in the darker arts of magick, whilst at school, I was being “prepared” for a totally different calling. Whilst juggling all this in my head, another problematic situation was starting to develop, I was becoming a very horny devil indeed, causing the Jesuits a momentous headache in the process. After all, celibacy was at the very heart of Opus Dei… but this horny devil had other ideas… he was loving the women like they were going out of fashion.

Although I was granted privileges at school for being ‘chosen” but also for being academically gifted, the likes of titles of School Captain, Class Captain, and so on and so forth … the other facet of my disciplined tuition was kept very much under wraps, although, my now developed challenging disposition was leaving one or two Jesuits visibly shaking in anger from our verbal encounters. The fact that they had to at times or better on a regular basis spend hours scouting around for me to find where Romeo had eloped to during school hours and what amorous activity might he be partaking in, was adding to their aggravation...

It did come to a head one afternoon, a crowded corridor, students everywhere, some entering classes, some exiting, others just congregating, chatting, unbeknown to most, an argument was brewing between the Prefect of Discipline and myself. At one point my retorting got the better of him and as if by natural reflex, he backhands me across the face, dropping me to one knee, a significant token of a master and student scenario in a secretive cult, but not one that he would have chosen to display in front of a multitude of students as classes were about to commence. The sheer sound of the impact reduced everyone to silence, students and teachers looking on in bewilderment, the Jesuit priest, upset and realizing the severity of his action in public, quickly helped me up, hugging me asking me for forgiveness. It highlighted the beginning of the end of my tutelage under the auspice of Opus Dei … the student was beginning to demonstrate capabilities far beyond their most prolific devotee, and these qualities were everything but saintly.

Myself and the Catholic Church have been embroiled in various verbal confrontations ever since, a love-hate relationship, although I believe that their charitable disposition in my regards has long dwindled, and now it’s pure hate.

I shall leave you with the following statement for you to ponder .. “Opus Dei plays the role in the liberal demonology that Freemasonry plays in the European conservative demonology. It is a vast, secret organization, seeking world domination.”

Make of it what you will …

Ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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