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Jar Spells

When I first started to awaken spiritually to Witchcraft my mind, body, and soul were plagued with crippling anxiety from past trauma and experiences. The negative energy of others twisted my own way of thinking. Bad personal choices haunted my thoughts. I attempted to reach out to the Divine, or any deities or spirits that would hear me. I learned that the problem was not being heard by them, but that I could not hear them through the noise. Growing up immersed in superstition and folklore, my family had many traditions. One example was “to wash one’s hands of another” Meaning they are done with that person. Not all families in America are close-nit or stand by each other’s side as portrayed in Hollywood. Mine were hard-working Gold minors and expected everyone to do their part. If they felt someone was not holding their end or if someone felt wronged and angry they sort of ousted that member. The angered family member gives them a seemingly unimportant personal effect to influence them from a distance. Upon receiving such an item from a close family member, I became riddled with emotional pain and plagued with anxious thoughts. These thoughts persisted for days and interfered with my spiritual growth. Rummaging through the items that had been sent I came across an antique jar. I had a subtle intuition, to put the family member’s personal item, the source of my anguish into the jar. I did so, sealing the negative energy that was attached to the item within. I set the jar under my altar within view. About 2 months later I was able to trance well enough to put myself into a state of hypnosis. It is here I began the healing process and the Witch inside was able to bloom. A jar spell can be as simple as sealing an object and its energy away from you're being. Jars are great for simple, but powerful protection and can be used for an intricate curse, which can be layered upon over time. SIMPLE JAR SPELL Simple jar spells do not take much thought. They are great when you have little time to prepare and need to rid yourself of persistent negativity. I use them most often to help my children seal their allowance away so they can save it rather than feeling they need to spend it right now. All you need is a jar with a lid. I have them hold the money up so they can focus the intent of not being ready to spend it. As they do this, they chant ”Dollars, cents, pennies I adore. Sealed in this jar to bother me no more” They repeat the chant until they feel released. Then they seal it in the jar and set it in a safe place. PROTECTION JAR Protection jars are, in my opinion, a must-do. They are useful in protecting one’s home and its occupants from negative energy. They are also good to have in place along with other layers of protection, to defend against curses and malefic magic. The contents of the jar vary based on the situation and the person doing the work. Remember what works for some may not work for others. Basic items to consider for a protection jar. -A jar with a good sealing lid -Candle, white is a general color for protection. (use any color that calls to you) -Protective plants you have a relationship with. Remember to ask the plant Spirit for permission. Meditate with a picture or thought. Plant spirits speak through visions, dreams, or intuition. -Stones that soak up negativity like Obsidian, Amethyst, Agate, or anything that feels right. -A part of your spirit animal, (ethically sourced) such as hair, whisker, feather, or bone. -Graveyard dirt from someone whose job in life was to defend. Soldiers, police officers, etc. When sourcing Graveyard dirt be sure it is done correctly. An angry graveyard spirit in your jar could work against the goal of protection. Once all items are gathered watch the moon. Spells can be done anytime. I, myself, prefer to time them with the lunar events. The full moon is the best cycle of the moon to do a spell for protection. Personal preferences for opening rituals and practicing magick can also be observed. You do you! The Craft is just that, it is your craft. Do what makes you feel closest to the spirits you will be connecting with to perform this spell. Follow your intuition, put the items you have gathered into the jar. Seal it and place a small candle on top to burn and seal. Bury the jar where you feel the energy will best be received. Walk away, put it out of your mind, and let the magick do its work. THE JAR TO CURSE A cursing jar can be a simple or intricate means of cursing. It takes time to obtain items. I find more intricate curses to be effective. When cursing or hexing, protection and the ripple effect are two important factors to consider. These are questions you should ask yourself. What protection do you have in place for you, your home, or your dwelling and family? Do you need to add more protection for this curse or hex? What will be the ripple effect? Will it affect the cursed one’s family members? What will come back to me? Some basic ingredients for a sour jar. -Jar with a good seal. -black or red candle. -Coffin nails to pierce and stab what it is you wish to destroy (if you cannot obtain coffin nails, rusty iron nails will do just fine) -Your own urine to send out vile energy or give the unsettling effect of drowning. (the act of urinating on something belonging to someone you have ill feelings towards is cursing in itself) -Broken mirror to prevent this curse from being returned to you, the sender. -Anything to connect the intended person to this hex. Hair, nails, and bodily fluids are powerful yet can be hard to reasonably obtain. A simple item they have given you, touched, cared for, or a picture will do. -Plants considered to be noxious (ie: burs, cayenne, etc), poison, or symbolically harmful. Any plant that pulls you and wishes to aid in your magick. -Ethically sourced dead animal. Small enough to put in your jar. I use rodents harvested by my cats. This symbolizes hate, disease, and decay. -Poison insects or spiders (already dead, please don't kill them for your spell. They have a spirit too) for their painful or harmful tendencies. -Appropriately sourced graveyard dirt from a murderer or extremely violent person to release the essence of their dark spirit toward you're intended target. By now you should have plans for protection in place. You will know the ripple effect for all involved. As I said before you are the practitioner, and this is your art. Go about the ritual in your own fashion, whatever that may be. Put your ingredients in the jar maintaining a State of anger toward the target as you do so. Seal the jar speaking words of anger and or spitting. Put a drop of blood on the top of the seal. Light your candle and place it on top of the sealed jar. Let it burn completely down. While the candle is burning keep the anger inside. As soon as the flame goes out, put the thought of this ritual out of your mind. Go to your happy place, eat chocolate, have sex! Remember to leave an offering to the spirits that assisted. Bury the jar at a crossroads, Cemetery, under a marsh, anywhere the dark entities roam. Negative energy can be crippling but it doesn’t have to be. You can be in control by simply containing it. A nagging broken heart, worry of the future and/or past, energy that provokes negative thinking and anxieties. Seal these away. Cut out the noise so the Witch within can blossom. Chels Kohl

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I will make good use of this tool. Thank you for sending it to me.

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