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Is Resurrection real?

Some people question if my magick is real, whilst others question where I was for many years ...seeing I never posted lessons prior to a couple of years back ...well let me assure the doubters and the haters that I was not idly twiddling my thumbs but instead concentrating on perfecting my trade. For those that have experienced me first hand, they know too well what I am about.

Swacchand Mrityu: This is the ability to simulate death in a deep trance through the cessation of breathing and heartbeat. It also gives the ability to die at the time of one’s own choosing. It also gives the ability to do “astral traveling”, “lucid dreaming”, going about in the subtle realm consciously, and then return to the entranced or sleeping body when one chooses.

I have been privy to some well-versed Occultists, my teachers, which through ritual and spell casting summoned a spirit of an elder back to his body, and were able to ask specific questions and get specific answers. He sat up and replied to them. And they put him back to sleep. This raises a lot of questions, are stories of zombies mere myths, do some select people have knowledge on resurrecting dead corpses, are stories of dead coming back to life real? Either way, it is interesting and maybe in time, we will all be enlightened on this extraordinary secret.

There are various rituals that are practiced for” resurrection”, the likes of the Thelemic Liber Cadaveris, 'Ritual of Passing through the Duant'. There is also the 5circle 6square HOGD ritual, the 18th degree "Ne Plus Ultra" of APRMM, and others.

The Rosicrucian studies the process of how Jesus supposedly resurrected from the dead, a study that I too have been fascinated within the search for my answers. What we have experienced above though, is not resurrection by any means, but necromancy, the art of divination by summoning the dead to speak.

The Ancient and Mystical Order Rosæ Crucis have interesting teachings in this regard too. Buddhist teachings say that the spirit is held within the body for a period of time before it is passed onto the next life. So following this provided their theory holds water, the body would be able to be used for resurrection purposes.

Also, several other cultures have their own versions of this, either burying the body to await Resurrection (the Bible says the faithful would be raised to Heaven at the end of days) or burning it to release the spirit like some forms of Hinduism. Either way, this gives weight to the theory that the soul stays with the body for a time.

So I will let you into a little secret, what I do with animals is to imagine them at the bottom of a very clear, very shallow pool of water. I imagine my hand going in and pulling them out. I do this while massaging their heart and blowing into their nostrils.

Of course, there is more to this than just that, but the decision of one to embark into such muddy waters is "Astra Inclinant sed non Obligant". I never have, nor would I ever (please don’t believe me) try it with people. This method has only a 60/40 chance of it working on a good day and, frankly, the animal is in pretty bad shape when it does work. There's been more than once where I probably could've brought it back but let it go instead. There has been one occasion where the stakes were far too high for me personally and I brought the animal back, the little bugger is still alive and kicking today, more alive than me!

May I remind you though, that none can use black magic without straining the soul to the uttermost—and staining it into the bargain, so think twice before embarking on a journey that might require some sort of exchange, not all are willing to pay the price.

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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