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Inquiring or an Acquisitive Mind? Transcend or Die Trying...

We’ve gotten into the habit of always wanting what’s next. We bring this consumerist approach to spirituality as well. We learn something, file it away, and want what’s next; the next teaching, the next guru, the next spiritual blogger, the next method, the next initiation, a longer retreat, another psychedelic shamanic journey. We want what’s next when we haven’t even become intimate with the teaching or the experience or the knowledge that is right in front of us. Transparent eyeballs, magic mushrooms, the feeling of transcendence — the vanishing self — that accompanies awe appears to have a physical basis, too. Transcendence is a state of being that has overcome the limitations of physical existence and by some definitions has also become independent of it. Luciferianism is about humans reaching divinity through human means. This philosophy is symbolically represented by two mythical figures which bear similar characteristics: Prometheus and Lucifer. Both of these figures are considered by some circles to be benefactors of humanity as they brought fire and light (representing divine knowledge) to struggling humans. They gave mankind the means to become gods themselves, through their own means. My version/definition of enlightenment definitely includes a certain degree of transcendence of the ego. It was in the past as it is in the present, and it will be in the future. Knowledge rules ruled and will continue to do so above and beyond. Nonetheless, those with the power of knowledge, find it can be a curse if they use it to harm others or keep the seekers from the light, because the supreme law of the universe (cosmic Karma) is inescapable, and what goes around, eventually always comes around. Therefore, being a member of any secret society is a privilege but can also be a burden because those that keep secrets just for themselves think that they only are privileged to such knowledge and nobody else. On the contrary, Luciferians celebrate knowledge of all types as the key to enlightenment and happiness in this life, knowledge is regarded as fluid and subject to revision and change, hence the Luciferian is encouraged to keep an open mind and be willing to revise his or her ideas of what constitutes truth and understanding. The inquiring mind is open; it expands to take in whatever presents itself. It has no expectations or demands of what appears. It’s willing to see things as they are. Once something is seen and investigated, it is let go.No conclusions need to be reached. No final judgment needs to be made. The inquiring mind goes about lightly. It has no skin in the game. The acquisitive mind tries to gain ground, gain real estate, turn information or knowledge into bricks, which are then used to continue building various edifices of Identity, Belief, and so forth. The acquisitive mind sorts, categorizes and collates experiences, ideas and information very well, but confuses having sorted them properly with having understood them deeply. Judgments need to be made, conclusions need to be reached. The acquisitive mind has to carry around all those sorted data, so it’s not easy to change course or be flexible. So, which frame of mind are YOU in? ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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