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In nomine de Luciferi, Rego mei spiritus!

Religious people ask you not to generalize them, yet they are generalizing themselves by claiming to be of a set faith. They generally have a book, rules they must follow to be considered a follower of such a faith, why else would they generalize themselves within the set religion?

Religion is a taboo topic of discussion, not because of its sensitivity, but because people are embarrassed to admit their beliefs.

Sometimes you can tell when a follower is embarrassed because they cherry-pick and seem to have the ability to chose what is a metaphor and what is literal solely based on their views and the current advancement of modern social society, making it more simple, they compromise their beliefs as time changes in a desperate attempt to keep the belief alive.

Luciferians are people of knowledge. Knowledge is, however, not limited to intellectual mathematical understanding, nor of having experienced something of material nature. I am referring to direct knowledge in what is contained neither intellectually nor physically.

Mystical knowledge and gnosis obtained by serious study and meditation can offer experiences that are as real and tangible to the initiate as the answer to Fermat’s theorem or sexual orgasm.

Knowledge can be expressed on many levels. We are in no need of any “book” to ascertain our vision, to light up our path, we are focused. For is it not in our darker moments that we must truly focus to see the “Light”?

If you look for truth, you may find comfort. If you look for comfort, you will never find the truth. This soil we stand on is supposed to represent unity. It can no longer divide men. That day has passed.

History has ended. The scriptures state that on judgment day, a set of scales will be hung from these arches, to weigh all souls. What if I told you that day is here? bargaining with your God “when no soul will suffice for another soul.” Just you and your God… and your deeds!

Everybody worships. The only choice is what we worship. Some people kneel to money. Some to power, to intellect. Some just choose to worship the Light.

LVX - Patrick Gaffiero


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