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Illness of the Brain

By now we should all know that everything is made up of energy.  We are surrounded by energy; our constitution is also made up of different energies. We can manipulate these energies in our surroundings, this is made clear every day and it is the reason why spells work!  I am going to talk a little about energies as it is important that we understand just how powerful we are, only when we understand the true nature of the power within us can we harness that power and use it to shape our lives and grow into great conjurers of magick.

To unleash the power within you and become a true Black Magician, Witch, or Sorcerer, you have to know yourself and recognize the power within you!  Also, you have to believe in your abilities and believe in yourself.  As a practitioner of the Dark Arts, I am constantly working on my mind and sharpening my skills, but none of it would work if I was not aware of and fully acknowledged my own power. I know that I have the ability to manifest and perform any ability I desire. I also know that the only thing that limits me is my own self-belief.  

In a spell, you are bringing the desired energy towards you.  That is why before doing any spell work you must stay focused and be in alignment with yourself!

Our brains and minds have the power to command and control the energies around us.  Most people are just beginning to understand this.  Unfortunately, what a lot of people are missing is that our brains and minds also control the energy within us. All the cells and molecules that make up our body vibrate at a rhythm. When we perform magick, raja yoga, or even engaging thought, we are changing and manipulating energy. This basic energy we use in spells and rituals originates in us.

Even when we call on external forces to aid us in spell work and rituals we still have to use energies from our own being. Those entities that we summon to aid us, do in fact alter and add energies to our being including our surroundings, which is why after ritual work, one feels alive and full of energy. This is because what you called forth just gave you a burst of energy that is now cruising through your entire body.

This explains why energy healing is so powerful. What energy healing does is it introduces a new frequency into the body designed to soothe, and relax and allows the body to return to its normal healthy vibration. Cancer and any disease that you can imagine has its own vibration, and when these diseases develop it means that the body is vibrating differently from what it is supposed to be. Depending on how far away your vibration is from your natural state dictates the severity of the disease.

Have you ever heard one of those stories where people seem to miraculously cure themselves of a serious disease, it is all by changing their mental vibration and taking control of the power within them. Once you learn how to use your internal power, the possibilities are endless!

Work on your mind and realize that there is no limit to what you are capable of attaining. When you practice developing your mind and work on your focus, you can only improve your casting power and your ability to manifest whatever reality you want into your life. Remember we are all energy, spell work and working with entities are all just ways to work with energies and help to bring about what you desire most into your life!

LVX - Patrick Gaffiero


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