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I am Lucifer

You can call me whatever you want, that whichever floats your boat, Satan, The Devil… truth is I am careful what name they use. I know that whatever name they use, it will be to define evil.

Nice to meet you all, my name is Lucifer. I am known as The Lord of Evil. Yes, I know; in any story or biblical verse I feature, I am always the bad guy of the story but they do not realize what they are doing. I was an Angel, the most beautiful of all Paradise and God’s right hand.

It was just an ordinary day in Paradise, a day like any other. Nobody doing much.The Angles, Archangels, and scholars splurging beauty all over paradise going from one place to another doing nothing. God said nothing for it.

That day I was the one working for God’s dictatorship. I had finished my duties and decided to rest a little on a chair; my wings were sore and my hands were swollen.

God, catching a glimpse of me sitting down, became enraged, and yelled at me “ Lucifer! How dare you profane my throne! You betrayed me!”

Listening to it, I blurted these words out of my mouth; ‘ You have no throne, the throne is at the heart of every human being who believes in you and you, apparently, you designate the fate of human beings without any help. What is your throne? The Gold? The world’s terrain? No, your throne ceased to exist the moment you left your creation to become sloppy and free to defile itself.’

God, hearing me say this, said unto me with trepidation in his voice ‘ You have disgraced your whole, helpful and beneficial life. Now you will live in darkness and feed of the pain of humanity.’

I replied ‘ That’s great. With all the pain you cause, I will live better than all of you who allow this poor agonizing life”

God was in no mood to converse any further, with one blow he broke the silence in paradise, generating a huge hole in the Earth, introducing me to a place where only screams of pain, terror, and agony were to be heard.

Thus, he enslaved me behind these giant wooden gates where I could not say anything about the real God. During my stay here my wings burned, and all of my disciples who too gave up on God, cried because they realized, they realized that I was not the bad one… the bad one was the one that seemed to be goodness personified yet enslaved his right hand just for telling the truth. I …I am not bad… He is the bad one. He is the one you need to fear, fear what happens to you on a daily basis and you must also blame him for not letting the truth come out from my mouth.

He just… just wants your souls in chains and tied to stakes …he will condemn all of you, same as he condemned me!

LVX - Patrick Gaffiero


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