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How the land lies

Our Life takes many twists and turns, each year that passes is even more energetic and surprising than one could ever realize. I started this year having a lot of earth energy, staleness, after many invocations of more fire and water (and air) I have brought about a shift, engaging the zodiacal, mystic, and alchemical transmutations, all part of a bigger process. It’s not been till recently that I could take a few steps back and look at my life from a distance and see how the land lies. When you’re in the middle of the storm, it’s hard to get any bearings. Once our goal is set, we attract what we set out to attract and a whole chain of events unfold, it can be quite a bumpy ride at times, we realize there were multiple parallel processes starting at the same time, thus making it confusing to see what was what. It then all comes together for us to see the bigger picture. To really work with any mystical paradigm, each grade in each system gives you a virtual world to live in, and symbols within that world to work with. If you are stuck, then it helps to have many virtual worlds, and essentially you work on different concepts by themselves, but they can reveal a greater truth that is prevalent through all the universes. Once this code is cracked, you can move on to the next level or grade. Sounds simple right? Not for some people, including myself, you see working with symbols within a mythos is not always easy. We know they are there, we know what they are supposed to do, the symbols can be configured thus and thus to form another energy, entity or reality-tunnel. It is only when you can look beyond the mythos, the story and the symbols and you just concentrate on the relative reality in that universe behind all veils, essentially revealing the true occult light that you have a chance also to look at yourself in the mirror and see beyond the mask onto the perfected Self. If it sounds like the ego trip of your life, in a way it is, but the road to becoming your own God is hindered only by your own ego and its multiversity of defects. With the diminishing of these defects, your care and love for others and others' appreciation of yourself increases, as will your own love emanate the occult light. ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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