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Going Dark (Part V) - Point of No Return

For this I thank you… As I drink deep from your fountain of youth, filling my wounded heart and broken body with the sounds of your appreciation for the gifts I bring. You have taught me to see past this fog in my heart. For this and much much more I’m thankful in this chill of the predawn dark as winters gentle freeze finds the land and your warmth fills my heart, body, and mind. Your gift is not your submission, your gift is trust, honor, loyalty, love, and faith……

Such a feeling comes only from those who truly love us like the morning rain loves the sun or the leaves love the breeze. To be touched deep within the heart without the fear of distrust or jealousy. Such lessons are the hardest after the mirror of innocence is broken. I search deep in my heart and soul to find the strength and love required to quiet these demons so I may stay to watch your power grow… And bathe in its radiance and warmth forevermore.

By what measure does this cloak fall as gently and gives way to the darkness. Does this veil guard my eyes against the prying night that stands bold and relentless against the light? So why does this heart fall so quickly for the darkness? I’ll take her by the hand and walk with her, bare her burden and weep in her darkest fold. This veil, this night….. Only a curtains call away.

There is no rest in sleep born from a poet’s heart, an occultist’s mind, and a lover’s soul. No rest for a wicked heart that craves such taste on the tongue that makes lovers blush and sinners saints. I’m pondering should one go on another adventure with the love of his life. Or shall he stay in retirement? Though they were so good together some demons are dangerously delicious.

Demons will walk with you through the darkness, they will never abandon you, never forsake you even when all the lights go out and you are left with nothing, they will be there, holding you, ready to pick you up and fight alongside you. Creatures of darkness are not bad, they understand the dark, they thrive in it, with them you learn to find out what true power really is.

Darkness is a part of this world and needs to be honored, just as much as the light. Honor your demons. Whoever curses the darkness, and banishes the night, has never walked in its beauty. They have never embraced the raw purity and wonder that the darkness can bring. It is in the darkness that you find those lost pieces of yourself, memories that you had forgotten, and sides of yourself no longer on show.

Your demons accept you, honor you, they will guide you back to you. Do not curse the darkness nor the demons who walk beside you, let them be your guide. Honor them as you would honor yourself and know that they are leading you to the truth. To walk with a demon is to walk the path of awakening, that amazing feeling of power that resides deep within your soul.

Em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero

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