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Going Dark( Part II) - Even Darker (Calm the Waters)

Whoever you think you are is why you refuse risks. Risk-taking is self-destructive behavior, but also the only way of self-construction. This is another of the wonderful paradoxes which are unreasonable to the reasonable, who do not throw dice, who lead nice quiet normative, and uneventful lives; or perhaps the word owing too much, existences rather.

You cannot become, as you are New levels of consciousness, of ways of perceiving - the old man must pass away before the new man is born. And this is the danger in that: This process of awakening dissolves the framework you currently perceive yourself and the world from. Where does that leave you? I will be brutally honest. This will be the most terrifying thing you ever experience. To leave tradition. To leave belief. To leave identity.

So why are there those among us that have always been driven to risk-taking?

Diabolical dangers do exist when one engages in dabbling with the occult, the most obvious of which is when a person who is not adept in the labyrinthine tangles of mystical knowledge experiments with invoking spirits or casting spells, an ill-advised pursuit which often brings down disastrous results upon the unwitting head of said non-adept experimenter.

The terrorizing darkness in which the ill-prepared too often find themselves is creeping across the socio-cultural landscape with virulent gruesomeness. Once the macabre leap into the occult has been taken, it is too late to turn back.

The beguiling symbolism of the occult is among its most potent seducers. This powerful subliminal imagery unabashedly seeks to exploit the idea that a picture is indeed worth a thousand words. The occult is a minefield of lethal dangers that are claiming increasing numbers of victims.

Conjurers of spells, thaumaturgy, summoning the dead - amateur practitioners of the occult are finding themselves forever lost in the grim quagmire of the fog-shrouded Forbidden Arts. Prophets, dreamers of dreams, signs, and wonders which come to pass - the occult is a living force fraught with hazardous pitfalls! So BEWARE! abandon all hope ye who enter here without the protective shield of wise guidance!

Dabbling means to play around with things you are not taking seriously. Magick and occultism are dangerous to meddle with if you are not careful. Whereas trying to perform a spell of a website is probably safe (and won't work), messing with spirits of any sort or issuing challenges to beings you don't really believe in is foolhardy. Because they might respond, and then you are at least going to have a scary day, if not a long-term problem.

Many spells and incantations are composed of simple enticing catchphrases that, when repeated over and over, can literally brainwash someone into invoking powers that cannot be easily managed.

There are, shall we say, entities that do not live in our same place of existence - ghoulish beings which, by means of paranormal or psychic experimentation, may inadvertently be released into our world. If an inexperienced practitioner unleashes an unwanted situation or energy that he or she has no knowledge of how to control, what then?

But here lies the paradox, its danger is also its power. Even if we drop the more out of the ordinary ideas in the occult, you are still left with a highly complex intellectual challenge. The question of danger should be there, but it might not be what you think.

Anyone who desires to experience first hand the supernatural phenomena of the occult should conduct much research into this obscure metaphysical passion before venturing into cosmic spheres in which lurk ominous places where even demons fear to tread.

Em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero

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Nelita Perry
Nelita Perry
Dec 13, 2020


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