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Going Dark (Part I)

There are various types of tragedy that actually do bring people to magick. Desperation. Revenge. The decimation of all that they loved. That's what brought me. Magick provides the channel for a single phallic force of will poised towards the transcendent.

This was indeed a realistic portrayal of what draws people to meddling with "real demons and angels". Crisis of faith. Loss of identity. My motive for pressing into the "architecture" of the Universe is to acquire knowledge. Typical wizard archetype. This too in reality draws a lot of people into magick, including me. To know, to will, to dare...

Teaching magick to the world is Ultra-culture's core reason for existence. Magic or "magick" is the core spiritual path of the West. It's a system for making human life more perfect—and can steadily and consistently bring profound, transcendent meaning to your life.

Magick is about lifting the veil and beholding the Principalities and Powers. It's about experiencing the very forces behind the functions of the Universe. No magician may boldly go forth into that greater reality. It is by degree his eyes are made to see and his ears are made to hear. I realize my dreams are initiating me into this greater reality. As my consciousness evolves, so too does the world before me, for I manifest it, unconsciously, and gradually more consciously.

Magick as well is about taking what is given and owning the responsibility. My life has taken many unexpected turns since I first stepped within the circle and asked for initiation. I realize the vital importance of leaning into those turns. Disaster can result from not doing so. The understanding I have come to is that those forces' effect on reality may to the studious be observed time and time again.

The Abramelin Rite - what I deem a realistic portrayal of magick. In for a penny, in for a pound. Through these ordeals long denied truths emerge from the Shadow self. Everything in magic has consequences, including sacrifice.

My will was defeated upon my submersion into the underworld. I released my will to the True Will, the Divine Will, and at that moment, the Holy Guardian Angel appeared. By the time this happened, I had been completely dissolved and those dispersed elements within me had been coagulated into an integrated whole. The True Self. Union with the HGA. Transcendence experienced, realized.

You can be part of a community or you can create a community. The former requires a lack of vision, an attitude of servility, poised faithfulness, and a pension for the comfort of a pew. The latter choice requires everything opposite from those, as well as equal portions of rebelliousness and fearlessness. There is no identity without first leaving the false imprint.

Go! Individuate! Know thyself! Do what thou wilt! Be true to thyself! Many are called and indeed few are chosen.

LVX - Patrick Gaffiero

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11 Des 2020

Thanks very much sir, this message has motivated me

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