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Forgotten People

My writings are not always solely to do with Occult practice, but sometimes to do with mundane circumstances that affect the Occultist and non-alike.

Loneliness, an epidemic that affects nine million Britons alone, just go figure the world. Elderly people not having left their houses for months not spoke to anyone for weeks. And it's not just the elderly that are desperately lonely, teenagers with a multitude of friends on social media who still feel alone and isolated.

Think, one in ten of ages 16-24-year-olds often or always feel lonely, twice as many as in the adult population as a whole.

In the UK an astonishing 3.6 million people over 65 confess to the TV being their only company. Many people you might not expect to be lonely includes the self-employed and carers.

More than half of parents have problems with loneliness, statistics state.

Let's not kid ourselves, I have a good network of family and friends, yet still, there have been times I felt isolated. There come some terrible times when you feel incredibly lonely and alone.

It is a true eye-opener to discover the severe level of isolation amongst young people. They come across as very connected, but many of their friends are on social media and not real friends. It is not an easy problem to solve. Progress has connected the world and disconnected humanity.

As Occultists, we that profess to have transcended the mundane and found the light gaining sight of what matters, we need to be doing more to help the world at large.

Go out of your way to connect with people, spare them a minute, you never know when your time will come in needing a minute spared.

We seem to be failing in the one magickal practice that matters the most ... the ability to bring "magick" back into other people's lives.

Give this some thought!

ii-wy em hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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