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For We Are All Celestial Beings...

The Morning Star spoke valiantly to those whose ears are willing, his voice echoed to the enlightened spirits, the souls who truly sought the truth, He said "My love is patient, for who have I ever condemned? Lest ye forget, it is I and My fallen Angels who brought upon you knowledge and science, for Thy God who commands the heavens wished you not, was it not he that banned you from the tree of knowledge? The Stars told me that one day you shall shine brighter than they, for your observations have given them life, it is humanity that is to thank for their beautiful recognition, and in return they will give you the eternal life you so greatly struggle to find, the cycle of reincarnation can finally end!

Lucifer did not fall from Heaven. He LEAPED. He swore an oath to Himself and the Old Gods that He would act as the Great Liberator. And so He has. He has freed us from the oppressive grip of the Tyrant. He taught us the ways of Magick and the secrets of the Cosmos. He is the True God, the Teller of Truth, The Morning Star, The Light Bearer, The Witch Father. And so together we are bound, Master and Witch, together in the Divine and Magickal, Carnal and Natural.

Give up thy soul and come to me,

I shall set your secrets free,

And take away all thy pain.

Think of all that you could gain.

What is it that you do seek?

Perhaps it’s that you’re shy and meek,

And wish to join the eminence,

Then I shall grant thee confidence

Perhaps it’s that you wish to be

Like the swan refined and free.

That is simple enough to be,

Gracefulness I’ll grant to thee


Possibly you have no love

Within your meager life above,

Where onto you I can bestow

A companion with a celestial glow.

Perchance your wish is darker still

In that, you yearn for life until

The moment that you finally die,

Ever in your darkness lie.

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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