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Focus, Focus, and much more Focus.

We cannot please all men but we can be a blessing to many.”

I know a lot of people out there succumb to curses and hexes and I empathize, but a lot of the time the wrong person gets blamed, trust me. The powerful black magicians learn how to cloak themselves and usually, the people who get branded are the ones that do very benign magick. The best way to deal with people who curse and hex you is to learn how to defend yourself.

One danger of starting on any magickal path is that there are still fanatics out there that will go to extremes to deal with people they feel threatened by.

The sad thing is that magickal discrimination is everywhere, and it includes all forms of magick, not just Black. From witches, gypsies to other forms of practitioners have come under some sort of scrutiny or another.

Every day I hear something about the persecution of Witches or some teacher yelling at a child for reading devil books like "Harry Potter." I shake my head in utter disbelief, you want to read devil books, let me take you to my private collection, Harry Potter is just a fun story about a kid who is a wizard.

To all you magicians who have been discriminated against, I have some words of advice for you..… Watch what you say to people.

Never threaten an individual with magick, silence is your greatest friend and their biggest enemy.

Everyone has secrets, if you are going to reveal your craft to people you want to make sure that you are in a position to deal with the consequences, and remember we all make choices.

I once knew an old woman who was a very powerful witch, she had a secret room in the basement filled with ancient grimoires, a huge crystal ball, and a cauldron that was bigger than me. She was dead serious about her magick!

She was also high;y trained in the art of focusing. I watched her one day literally move a marble across a flat floor with her mind. She placed the marble on the ground and let it sit there for two minutes. Then she placed her hands close to it and began to focus.

I could sense her energy change, as she began to be solely focused on the marble. Then after a few moments, the marble moved and she was actually able to manipulate it around the room. She said that in order to do that one must be able to focus only on the object and nothing else.

Focusing is paramount when learning about casting black magic spells. In fact, focusing is not just important when it comes to spells, but in all areas of life. If you can master the art of focusing and concentration there is no limit to what you can accomplish, magickally or otherwise.

Em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero

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Nelita Perry
Nelita Perry
03 avr. 2021

Well said Brother!

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