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Fear-Based Mind Control

Fear-Based Mind Control is an old occult tool that is used by the elite to control the masses and keep people in a state of fear which prevents them from growing out of a survival reactive state and embracing their true path and power.

It is an old occult trick used by people who religiously follow the old teachings. They teach evocation methods that involve burning and blasting demons' into compliance to try and gain the upper hand, but the demons are beginning to break their bonds and fear-based mind control is not that effective anymore.

They manipulate energy and sway people to follow them and in a sense bully them into believing what they are saying and doing. This secret, this “hidden” knowledge (that is never shared) draws people to their words. They continue to speak of this great knowledge never mentioning any facts, only the promise of knowledge, listing an impressive amount of credentials to prove how wonderful they are, and all the amazing things that they know continuously insisting that it will only be shared with those who they deem worthy.

Yet, they never offer anything or add anything of value to the conversation. When you actually analyze what has been said, you find nothing. Naturally, some people want to know and be worthy and want to learn these secrets this so-called master has to teach so they conform to appease them.

You will recognize a subdued version of the above used by politicians and religious groups alike. As stated previously, it is an old tool that was once more powerful than it is today.

Psychologically speaking, they use demotivating and fear techniques to break people down, manipulate them, and build them back up thus gaining control over them. These are the tactics used by cults and secret societies to maintain control of the population at large. But, seeing we are entering a new age of enlightenment, these tricks and mind tools are less effective and do not have the power they once did.

People are becoming more enlightened, Lucifer’s message to discover your inner light is being increasingly accepted and people are embracing their true path. This provides them with partial immunity.

The old fears of Demons and the LHP are slowly being overturned and the same Demons are now able to help more freely because they enjoy working with us instead of being enslaved and controlled by malicious individuals. Demons are more willing to share their true secrets with those who choose to walk beside them, genuinely wishing to learn, over others who try to dominate and control them.

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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