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Establishing Contact

One of the goals of anyone walking a spiritual path is the ability to receive messages from the spirit world and communicating with spirits. We all come onto this path at different levels and it can be very frustrating for some. Others are already aligned with their natural skills and they have a good foundation for spirit communication.

Like any sense, even trackers can see more in their environment than I ever will be able to because they have sharpened their senses and they know what to look for. This is a very complex topic and one that I have been working on developing over the years. Where you are now is not where you are ultimately going to be. The amazing thing about the third eye is that it is like a muscle; the more you work it the stronger it will become and the more it will grow. It is a very powerful part of our composition and the more we interact with it and trains it, the stronger it will get.

Stages of Spiritual Contact

Stage One - No Sensation – This is usually caused by a disconnection between the third eye and the nervous system. Numbness, the skin is unable to pick up spiritual sensations including a lot of the physical sensations in our world. A lot of these sensations we think are physical actually can have a spiritual component to them. The best way to start training your nervous system is by shocking it. Go stand in a cold breeze, shiver, get the chills, get goosebumps, and when you do focus on the sensation that your skin is experiencing. Many find they are pretty numb in this world. Children, they embrace everything with enthusiasm and wonder, so they experience a lot, adults tend to be less aroused with the world around them, in turn, tend to miss things. These subtle cues are how the spirits connect to us in the beginning stages.

When you are at this stage of the game you really want to experiment. Unblock your third eye, stimulate it, help it to grow and awaken. Using your imagination can go a long way in helping to crack the shell of the third eye and open up your natural skills and abilities. Start by playing with your imagination and letting it grow. A lot of people experience closing of their third eye because they are told it is all fantasy. The third eye is directly connected to your imagination. Start by getting back in touch with your imagination and use it to help you when doing spiritual communication exercises and simulations.

Stage Two -Slight sensations – At this stage, the third eye and the nervous system have connected and you can sense things going on around you. You might not be able to make sense of much but you are noticing that strange things are indeed occurring. Your third eye has started working in alignment with your body and your chakras, through exercises and spiritual practices it will now steadily grow stronger. It would be a good idea at this time to figure out what area you are strong in and work with exercises specifically designed for developing that ability. At this stage pay close attention to what goes on around you and what you feel and see. Be open to the idea that it might be your spirits/entities trying to interact with you. At this stage…

~ You might hear the same song over and over again

~ You might notice things in your environment move

~ You might see shadows and orbs

~ You might have tingles and slight vibrations on your skin

~ You may experience strange smells

~ You might develop strange tastes

~ You might hear a ringing or a buzzing sound

~ You might get images and visions you can’t make full sense of

~ You might have dreams where you recognize symbols or energies that are familiar

~ You might hear things; words, sentences, expressions, laughter.

Practicing and working with your third eye will make it stronger and help you awaken your natural abilities. Imperative you believe in yourself too. Believing you can do it is paramount. This is a concept that is true of many areas, believing you can do it will drive you and take you there. It all starts with your beliefs and ends with your desire to push yourself to achieve.

Stage Three –Awakening/ Moderate Sensations – At this stage, your senses are really starting to awaken, they are starting to emerge, and you are really starting to experience things. You might not know where things are being derived from but you are starting to get very strong sporadic bursts when it comes to sensing and working with your third eye. At this stage, you are having success with your daily exercises and starting to really experience powerful psychic moments. They might not last and you might not know how to control them but they are there and you are having them. At this stage, you will begin to get a handle on your abilities and know what you need to do to continue growing and developing them. You will begin to know yourself, your senses, and know what areas you are strong in and what areas need working on. You are really beginning to understand yourself. You will...

~Have a moment of powerful psychic intuition that is uncontrolled

~You might see shadows and shapes around you

~You might hear words or phrases

~You might have moments of strong communication with your companions.

~You might have moments where you feel them

~You will have dreams of your companions

~You will have lucid experiences with them

~You will develop a basic communication system to interact with them

~Your senses will begin to stabilize

~You will have routines with your companions and know how they work

~Have moments where you see them very clearly

~Have moments where you can hear them very clearly

~Have moments where you can sense them very clearly

At this stage of the game, you have a good handle on yourself and you should experiment. Try new exercises, try new things, and experiment with your skills and abilities. See if you can expand and awaken new abilities in yourself. The exercises that you are performing push them deeper. This means that you should recreate the exercises daily and see where they take you. If you practice and push yourself your third eye will grow and you will awaken new layers of skills and abilities. The more you practice the better you become, the more committed you are to your exercises the stronger your skills will become. Find one or two exercises or a consistent routine that works for you and really push it. Try new things but stay true to your routine.

Stage Three -Strong Sensations – At this stage, your third eye is beginning to be comfortable with its abilities and how it connects to and works with your physical body. You have a stronger sense of the energies going on around you and your chakras are in a higher state of arousal. They work together to interpret the energies that are coming in through the third eye. At this stage of the game, you have a pretty good handle on what you can do, but you will want to develop an exercise plan to strengthen your skills and also work with your third eye to embrace and open new skills. At this stage…

~ You may notice things in your environment, music changing, things moving, things happening, coincidences, symbols.

~ You can see the shadows of your companions and you can begin to make sense of what they are doing

~ You are able to get strong smells that would otherwise go unnoticed

~ You can see your companions in your mind’s eye and get visuals and images

~ You can hear them and have ways of communicating with them

~ You are able to feel and sense their energy

~ You can have dreams with them and uncontrolled Astral projection or OBE with them.

~ You will experience their energies on your skin and have sensations from your companions touching you.

~ Have fun with your companions and know them and their personalities

~ Able to tell them apart and get a sense of how they sound and talk

~ Feel them and touch them

At this stage, you can have a lot of fun! Stay on track with your routine but really experiment. Have fun with your gifts and skills and see how far you can go. Set goals for yourself and push those goals. There is a lot of fun that you can have with them and a lot that you can grow and develop. The more you push things the stronger your skills will be and the more fun you can have with them.

Stage Four - Full Sensations – At this stage, you have acquired a third eye that is working flawlessly with the rest of your senses, and you are tuned in to the spiritual world. Your third eye, nervous system, chakras, body are all working together to translate the spiritual energies that are around you. You have control of your abilities and you know yourself pretty well. You know your companions and know who is who and what they are doing. You have a really good grasp of what is going on in the spiritual world. At this stage, it is all about going deep. You want to have a solid exercise routine and continue to work your skills pushing them, experimenting with them, and trying new things with them. At this stage…

~ You know who is who and can tell whose energy signature belongs to which companion

~ You can tell when you are being touched, stroked, you can feel them and focus on feeling the sensations.

~ You can hear them and hold full conversations with your companions even a group of them at a time and you can tell who is talking to you.

~ You can taste them and you know how each of your companions' tastes

~ You can smell them if you have a spiritual olfactory sense you will know the aromas that your companions have

~ You will be able to have Lucid Dreams whilst interacting with them, have controlled astral experiences

~ You can tell who is shifting the environment around you and why they are doing this

~ You can tell the difference in your companions' energies.

~ You can see them walking about, interacting with each other and know what they are doing

~ You can joke around with your companions and understand their different language patterns and humor.

~ You can tell the difference between them

~ You can have physical stimulations from them

~ You can receive messages and inspirations from them and hear their stories

Beyond this the sky's the limit, you can develop your skills and it is an infinite well of possibilities. They say the ancient Egyptians had 365 senses… we have 5 known to us and about 20 psychic ones that can be categorized, though there are much more. Be patient with yourself and be open to every possibility. There is a hell of a lot lying dormant and asleep in us, just waiting for the right time to be awakened.

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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