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Empty Vessels (extracts S&S)

As we know there are conjurers out there that are scammers and just sell blank rings but there are also sellers out there that shield and distort the energies around their bindings because they don’t want things to be scanned or stolen. On top of that, there are thieves out there in the community who do no research of their own and just prey off other conjurers who actually do their research.

Ironically these ones are probably the ones invoking fear into the buyers and telling them that they are cursed or blocked or that their vessel is empty. It really is a shameful practice all around and hurts people on their spiritual path. Usually, if someone is willing to put in the time to talk to you, answer your questions, cast for you, and work energies for you, they know what they are doing. This is why it is so important in the beginning to ask many questions of your conjurer and see if they are approachable.

Honestly, one should not get mad for being asked questions. You reserve the right to answer or not as you deem fit. I only get mad when people bad mouth me behind my back for things that I did not do, or because I didn’t say what they wanted me to say. Asking me questions, even confronting me with your feelings will not make me mad.

This can be a horrible practice, there are sellers out there that make a profit from scanning vessels of people who are having trouble connecting to their entities and spirits and will tell them there is nothing there. It honestly discredits the whole community when sellers do this! It is impossible that there is only one seller out there that can do this! This is an ancient practice that has been used by magicians for over 6000 years.

So for one conjurer to know the vibrational frequency and to be able to identify all the species, all the vibrational frequencies and all the conjuring locations of everything in the spiritual world is folly. It is impossible. I have certain conjurers pop up and sometimes I don’t feel anything from them, usually, this is because I am not attuned to that frequency. We all have entities that we work well with. Some people connect strongly with some more than other beings. Some others you still will have to put in the work to attune yourself to them.

Attunement is the key when an entity or spirit is from a region with a specific vibration and you are not attuned to it, you are not going to sense it! Necromancy is the art of speaking to the dead and it requires a very different set of skills and attunements to working with living entities. This does not mean that one is not viable and the other is, this just means that they require a different skill set.

So what do they mean empty? Do they mean that there is no entity within the vessel? Well, of course not! This comes from the old Djinn in a Bottle Mythos. All those Djinn who were bound forcibly in a bottle and ordered to grant wishes and do their master’s will. They are prisoners, they are entrapped in their vessel and locked in it, which means that it is a forcible binding, so of course, if you are scanning for something that is trapped and locked in a ring you are not going to find it.

Bindings need to be flexible which means that the energy in the Crystal is combined with specific energies attuned to the demons to bridge the connection between the demons realm and our realm and create a focal point for interaction, influence, and communication. Once you are properly attuned to your demons energies, you won’t even need the vessel unless you want to have it or if you have a special ritual that you do with the demon that includes their vessel.

So do they mean there is no energy attached to the Vessel? Well, this is just silly, the Crystal itself has energy so of course, the vessel has energies, and also the bindings are crafted using the crystal’s energies. So if you don’t know what you are looking for you might just feel the energies of the crystal. This does not mean the vessel is empty, this just means the person doesn’t know what they are looking for and cannot sense energies.

Most people can feel something coming off the vessels, a powerful force, an energy vibration, a pressure on their third eye; they will feel drawn to the vessel. There will just be something about the vessel that is enticing to those who are spiritually sensitive.

A lot of times when people say that vessels are empty they have ulterior motives. True conjurers want people to connect and work with spirits and they support this community. They want it to grow and thrive so they will either refer the individual back to their conjurer for help, or they will offer suggestions for helping them to connect. It is really important in the beginning to do your research and make sure you select a conjurer you trust, but it is equally important to be careful what people tell you. Many scammers have ulterior motives and like to incite fear and panic to block people’s skills, cut down their confidence, and sell them their snake oil skin.

On any spiritual path, come from a place of empowerment, not a place of fear. If someone is pushing fear I would question their motives. Spiritual Conjurers should be seeking to empower people who work with spirits and ones that come from fear are highly suspicious.

Be empowered! Be Inspired, and remember you are stronger then you think!

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero

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