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Dreams & the Mirror World

So what are dreams really? You are always dreaming. It is your subconscious thought. It is just that consciousness takes over when you are awake. Much like when the earth rotates, the day takes over the night, but the night is truly always there, the Sun is just covering it; the Sun is just in control. Subconsciousness is a vast sea of thought.

One of the more interesting realms, by far the most visited one for me, is the Mirror World. This realm seems to be the closest to our own – is just one small slip or step out of phase with it, best accessed through the Dreaming Gates.

From my experience, this Mirror Realm acts almost like a film that surrounds Malkuth/Nahemoth, and from here the tunnels seem to connect to the realms known as Yesod / Lilith through chthonic or lunar paths that are revealed. It is a strange in-between place, that is both aerial and chthonic at the same time and for me acts as a primary point of ingress to the other.

I call it the mirror world or mirror realm because simply, the place appears as a flip side to our material world, looking as if it has been run through a harsh greyscale or color de-saturation filter, and literally abounds in some places with many, mirrored surfaces as reflections in all materials seem heavily amplified.

I believe that this is the same shamanic realm that is often talked about by other practitioners, albeit reflecting the current world soul and the impressions we leave on this realm by our daily interactions with each other and the world around us on the physical.

Maybe spirits trapped between the living and the dead wander here, waiting for their souls to be retrieved by those who are curious, brave, or just plain desperate enough to try.

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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