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Does Magick exist?

A question I have been asked time and time again, the answer, yes, especially where there is Intentionality. This means intending something strongly with your mind. The moment a person intends something strongly, he/she sets into motion all sorts of quantum activity that ripples, ramifies, and redounds, and will eventually manifest in physical empiricality.

It may manifest quickly… or take decades, but your intentions will yield results. This is why the Buddha and other spiritual teachers have always said that a serious spiritual aspirant must first take control of his thoughts and emotions.

The fact is, we’re all doing this, all the time. The quantum reality is inherently malleable and subject to the influence, all the time, and sometimes feels like magic, but most often, we don’t even see the full repercussions of our intentions. The “secret” here, if there is one, is to intend with conscious awareness. Rituals and affirmations are ways of “anchoring” your intentions quickly and immediately in the external physical world.

All of the world’s problems could be solved if all people simply intended consciously. But we often don’t, for a host of reasons. Assume you are powerful; assume you can make changes in the world.

We sometimes say, “Shit happens”, but most of the time, things are traceable to people’s intentions. “God does not play dice with the Universe”, said Albert Einstein. The Universe will set into motion whatever a person intends powerfully, good or evil… the Universe “doesn’t care” how you roll, and the “sun shines equally on the saint and the sinner”. This is the great responsibility accorded to each of us, rich or poor, noble or base.

Em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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