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Dissecting the Christian Church - Exposing the Magick within

I have touched on the subject of how The Church uses magick in its approach, the rituals, control of the masses, and in it’s harnessing of the energy produced in its places of worship worldwide to be able to use them as beacons to further its agenda.

There are a variety of topics I will uncover as we go along that shows to what extent the Church is actually involved in Occult practice and study. They have persecuted the very same agenda that is at the core of their institution. One has to ask why?

Energy is key to all that materializes, energy is at the very core of our existence, energy is the be-all and end-all of all that is seen and unseen, the Church knowing this all too well, set off on its private crusade to cleanse those that it deemed as unholy, unworthy even, the ones that harnessed such energy without the manipulating constraints of the biggest energy vampire the world has ever seen, the one we call “The Church”.

So, let’s start by looking at a particular well-known prayer, The Lord’s Prayer. If you take your time in understanding this prayer, it shall reveal all it’s secrets to you. This is probably a great prayer for manifestation, once it’s seen for what it really is rather than recited in parrot-like fashion by the indoctrinated mob that is the Christian following.

So how might we utilize this prayer in our own magical practice? Let us take it apart and explain it…

Our Father: Means our higher self or the Inner God within

Who Art In Heaven: Who is in the higher part of my consciousness or the Holy Sacred space in my mind.

Hallowed Be Thy Name: To say Hallowed is to say Holy…Here we are tapping into our higher self. The reason for our existence. To feel blessed and manifest, you must know you are blessed and feel deserving of such blessings. You are lifting your higher self to a high degree, meaning you are a sacred being.

Thy Kingdom Come: Meaning the Kingdom that we want to manifest. It’s knowing that we have a vault of blessings awaiting us and we are bringing them into existence.

Thy Will Be Done: Is affirming that what we want is already here. The higher self or the God-self has already manifested that which is wanted. We are talking to ourselves.

On Earth, As It Is In Heaven: As Above So Below. That what we want has already been thought and felt. The key for manifestation starts in a thought…we must feel this thought and feel it to the point that it becomes real. When we know that what we want, it manifests with full confidence and without any doubt.

Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread: Daily bread can mean many things. In the Latino culture, they say El Pan De Cada Dia. Meaning that which sustains us.

Forgive Our Trespasses As We Forgive Those Who Trespassed Against Us: This is very important because at times those things we do which may hurt others knowingly or unknowingly can infringe on us receiving blessings. If we are caught in bitterness, backbiting, fighting with others because we feel hurt….we don’t learn how to let things go. We are stuck in a cycle that does not allow us to evolve.

Word of warning…

I don’t ever say “Lead us not into temptation…” I say: Do Not Allow Us To Fall Into Temptation. This is the way it is said in Spanish and the way I recite it in English. The higher self will not allow us to fall into temptation or guide us in those things that will not allow for us to evolve.

And Deliver Us From Evil: Deliver us not from the Devil, Satan, or any Being that Main Stream Religion deems to be an opposer. But from our own Habits, Doubts, Fears, and Insecurities. Those things that are not constructive for our manifestation and development.

Amen: So More It Be/ It is Done. When saying this we are visioning what we want and manifestation is taking place and it is done. It is the best guide to practice with. Focus on that what we want. To me the Lord’s Prayer is the best Mantra one can use and when one really taps into its virtues, the sky being the limit.

Ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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