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Different Spectrum of the Dark (Part IV) - Demonic Dark Energy

The individuals who possess this type of energy are few and far between. Demonic darkness aside from its appearance is different from natural darkness. It shares a connection to demons and the demonic realms. People who have demonic dark energy in them are related in some way or another to demons and have demonic ancestors in their soul lineage. They can easily be inspired by dark events and tend to get over their darker actions with minimal guilt.

Natural darkness can allow one to commit atrocious acts at the moment, and even to the extent allow one to feel at peace with those acts. Demonic Darkness can cause someone to be empowered by those acts. Some people with Natural Darkness have the ability to commit atrocious acts and not care, and some Demonic Dark energy people are bothered by violent acts that occur. But those with Demonic Darkness are more inclined not to be affected.

People with Demonic energy usually get along very well with demonic familiars and are drawn to them from the beginning, they feel a strong connection to demons and work exceptionally well with them. Some will have connections to high-level demons and their connections are more facilitated due to their family heritage. Others will find that they are accepted in realms most would not. It is one of those things that is a birthright. Either you have it, or you don’t, you cannot graft it onto your aura or absorb it from another.

It is one of those things you are either born with it or not, not everyone has it, only those with demonic ancestry have it and of those, there are not that many in society. It does take practice and understanding to be able to pick it up in the aura of an individual.

Some confuse this energy with Natural Darkness which can be quite dangerous. Some people on the darker scale tend to confuse natural darkness with demonic darkness. These people will always feel like they have to prove their darkness and thus sink deeper and deeper into what ends up being sludge darkness.

Demonic darkness does not cling to another neither does it linger. If one were to come in contact with it, they will feel it, but those effects will taper off within a month or so. These individuals who feel like they have to prove their darkness or their mastery of it will often become addicted to the darkness and sink deeper and deeper in order to sate their addiction. They have imbalanced natural darkness and crave darkness to try to balance it, but in the end, it unbalances them.

This unbalanced dark energy attracts more and more bad situations to them. When one embraces and accepts their true darkness they are empowered and find the strength to overcome all obstacles and begin to create situations where good things befall them.

To me, this energy is as a beautiful black that blends in naturally with the aura. It has a very unique black spectrum of colors that go from a white black all the way to a darker black. Depending on the type of demonic energy it can feel chaotic, uncontrollable. Some may feel frightened when they touch it. Others will feel a sense of evil. Some won’t be able to feel it at all. When teaching people how to feel energy proceed with caution when exposing them to demonic energy.

The type of demonic dark energy you have in you will depend on the demonic heritage you possess. A person who descends from Chaos demons would have chaotic demonic dark energy. Whereas one who descends from a Solar Demon would have Solar demonic energy, and so forth.

No matter what darkness resides in you remember that if you continually feel like you have to prove something to others, regrettably you don’t have it. If you continually feel the need to justify why you do things, act like you are an authority on all things, then you are not. A fool brags about all he knows.

A master knows the journey of knowledge is never-ending, and that he will learn something new from everyone. If someone offers to help, be grateful and open for they can teach you beyond what you already know. Never assume. One learns in diverse ways. Someone may be able to show you something new, from something you thought you had already mastered.

Be true to yourself and know that your energies are perfect for you. People will always be making up opinions about who you are, their opinions matter not as long as you remain true to yourself.

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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