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Different Spectrum of the Dark (Part III) - Natural Darkness

There exists the most beautiful darkness, one that resides in the natural world, Nature’s Darkness. This darkness exists in all of us. There are two subcategories of Natural darkness:

The first is Primal Natural Urges such as our flight or fight response. It fuels your muscles with power so that you can respond in a tense situation. It helps us to sharpen our senses when we are fearful, and defend oneself against those that wish them harm.

It gives you the inner strength to protect yourself and your loved ones. It also drives your urges to embrace passion and intimacy. It is that animalistic side inside of us that brings us back to our natural roots. This energy is what drives people to protect themselves and their families when in danger.

The next is the Dark Side of the Soul. If you have ever come across the saying everyone has an axe murderer inside of them, that’s the darkness they are referring to. It is that energy that comes over us when we harm another person when we lash out at people. It is the cruel, vicious side of the soul, that darker half inside of us all. Contrary to what a lot of people say there are different amounts of this energy in each individual. We are balanced, but the fulcrum between light and dark that creates that balance is different for everyone. Some people are really light and others are darker. This energy is identified sexually too, people who have rough sex, like domination and biting, are acting on this energy inside of them. There are different amounts of this energy in people as well as different shades of color. This power can give you the ability to do things which otherwise you would never have done. Let's say for example someone you cared about (like a child) was in trouble and you were told that you had a choice, you had to kill someone or your child would die. Natural darkness could be called upon to kill the person to save the child.

Natural darkness is very beautiful. It moves on a different frequency than the lighter energies, and once mastered it gives amazing control and mastery over oneself. When one has conquered the darkness in them, they know themselves.

It can feel heavier, warmer, almost chaotic. For some, exposed to it may feel a burning or cold sensation. This is Natural darkness that is inside us all, there is no need to remove it, the problem lies when people repress it and try to deny it exists.

This is not conducive for one’s spiritual development as firstly you are denying a part of yourself and not allowing to love yourself completely, to be true to yourself, and secondly; When one represses their dark energy it can influence them in a negative manner. Understanding, accepting, and embracing your dark half is essential when walking the LHP, and crucial to any form of balanced spiritual growth.

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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