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Different Spectrum of the Dark (Part I)

People think they understand so much of the world. They, in fact, understand so little of it. Astronomers now state that all the visible universe (luminous matter) makes up less than one percent of the universe.

The remaining dark matter and energy puzzles astronomers. I am using this as an illustration of how little we discern what is really present. Look around your room or out across the sky. What do you see? Do you ever think that there is more than that which meets the eye?

Our understanding is greatly dependant on what we see. We need to understand the Dark World, deep magick and it’s reality.

In the past, I have touched base on what makes a demon a demon and the beautiful black energy that exists in all demons. But that is not the only darkness out there. In fact there exist many types of dark energy, some beautiful constituting a part of who we are, others, horrific and debilitating to those who would come in contact and are consequently infected by them. Let’s touch base on the different types of darkness that exist in our aura…

The first topic is False Darkness. This is very dangerous energy, not because of it’s power, but because of its destructive force. This darkness has no beauty to it. It looks like a Grey haze of apathy and depression. This energy is not natural within anyone’s aura, and it cannot be controlled. It has an odd frequency and can literally overwhelm and infect all other energies with its insidiousness.

False Darkness limits us in our growth. It is a self-destructive force that clings to us. It makes us feel pathetic, weak, undeserving. It promotes self-destruction, depression, and negative patterns. This type of darkness clings to individuals, makes them feel depressed, down, suicidal, hateful, and harmful towards themselves and others.

These individuals beat themselves up, saying things like; “no one cares,” “I have nothing to live for, I should just die”…..The energy makes people feel like they have no control over their lives. People highly infected with false darkness can play the “victim role,” and also suffer from the severe entitlement mentality. It makes one feel that everyone else is responsible for their problems and that they have no control over their lives.

It grows over time and unless cleansed can grow into a massive abomination causing complete stagnation and inability to grow and move beyond one’s current state. In fact if left to fester is will make one's situation worse.

It is perfectly acceptable to be upset about something and to get sad every once in a while, we all do. However, when that feeling of sadness and depression becomes a constant, consumes your life and you always have hateful thoughts about yourself, then there lies the problem. It limits your growth and must be dealt with.

False darkness enslaves you and your energy when really, you should be mastering yourself and your energies.

Most people will experience this darkness attaching to them at some point during their life. Luckily, with the right tools and knowledge, it is fairly easy energy to cleanse from one's aura. Sometimes there are deep-rooted strands of energy that can pop up from the past, but those who can be severed. Regular maintenance, black flame transformations, energy healing, and other techniques all help to remove this energy. Sometimes the very essence of positive self-talk and self-thinking can go a long way to abolishing this energy.

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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