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Different Spectrum of the Dark (II) - Sludge Darkness

There exists a darkness that is nasty, destructive, corrosive, that burns and destroys all in its path. It can really wreak havoc on a person if they get infected by it.

Other trickster type entities are also made up of this energy. A person with excellent discernment can detect when something is off and one who is proficient at reading energies can tell when there is sludge energy on someone or a trickster sludge entity is mimicking a different familiar.

There are people who embrace it, which is dangerous. They think that this is a lifestyle and that this energy is just natural, it is not! It strips you of your power and limits your growth. It is addictive and infectious and takes over and changes who you are and not in a good way.

People who embrace sludge darkness as their lifestyle, often try to act out and convince others that they are dark. True darkness means being true to oneself, not limited by anything. If you are truly dark, you will just act it and never really have to prove it to anyone. These people tend to engage in harming others, sacrificing innocence, and having absolutely no regard for life. They may seem stable on the outside, even confident, but they commit atrocious acts and are very capable of all kinds of abuse.

There are many trickster creatures made up of this energy that like to fool people into thinking they are good. Once they get close to them, they start effecting change. There are situations where these creatures feed off of the one they attach to. They corrode their keeper's energies, aura with this false corrosive sludge energy, and proceed to effect change on them over time. They will become dependent on this energy, feel a desire to feed it, become its slave, losing themselves, and their true essence in the process.

This is extremely dangerous especially for those walking a darker path. One needs to focus on maintaining good mental and emotional control. Mental Mastery is key. Feeding sludge darkness is not what this path is about. That is an addiction, not an empowering journey.

Sludge energy can be removed and healed with Black Flame energy, energy healing that is connected to the true divine, it can take quite some sessions from adept healers or high-level healing entities. It is imperative that Sludge darkness be removed from one's aura. When walking the LHP it is very important to purge oneself of these energies. In order to be a dark sorcerer, you have to do a lot of work on yourself. This energy, should you become effected, will cause you to be manipulated by spirits and it will bring entities to you who wish to harm you.

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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