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Demonic workings explained

Demonosophy means to work and walk with learning knowledge and wisdom acquired from the Demons and Dark Lords, working with Companion Demons and the Dark Lords to learn to live an inspired and empowered life. There are many demons out there, thousands that are undiscovered, and many who enjoy helping humans and guiding them, thus becoming their companions. Demonosophers invite demons to join them on their journey and they become the guides and mentors. A Demonosopher is one who is inspired by a demon or devil.


This is when one chooses the path of worshipping and honoring Demons. Demonolatry leaves no room for Demon Companions so it never fully resonated with my path, as my Demon Companions are an integral part of my life. Demonolators worship demons and have a great deal of respect for them and appreciation for the amazing beings that they are. Their tradition is very old dating back many generations.


Demonology is basically the study of Demons. There are many people also on the right-hand path who study demons; their view of them is biased. They see them as evil nefarious beings. Demonologists partake in the study of demons from a distance and are more about learning than working with them or indeed worshipping them.

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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