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Demonic Possession – The Devil’s Work? (Part II) Extracts Satan & Suns

“Demonology is the study of demons or beliefs about demons, especially the methods used to summon and control them. The original sense of "demon", from the time of Homer onward, was a benevolent being, but in English, the name now holds connotations of malevolence.”

There are types of demons who are feeder entities like succubi and incubi who feed on sexual energy, which is a very different kind of energy than that which the sludge feed on. Feeding on any energy can be damaging, but whereas succubi, incubi, and other sexual feeders thrive in passion, lust, and sex, Sludge enjoys the energy of pain, despair, torment, destruction, depression, and fear.

These energies feed them, nourish them, and sustain them. They thrive off our pain and torment and they seek to bring more of these energies to us. They want us to suffer and they want us to sink into low vibration because it feeds them and gives them power.

Many people do mistake them for demons though because everything of malevolent connotation is mislabelled as a demon. The word demon actually comes from the Latin Word Daemon and is a Divine intelligence. That which is being removed during an exorcism is actually a sludge entity that latches to the individual, torments and tortures them, and slowly consumes their energy.

There is a distinct variation between the energies of divine darkness and that of low vibration sludge darkness, one will elevate you and the other will sink you leading you to ruin and despair. Sludge invades the energetic space through fear so they will often take the form of that which an individual fears, in the case of the religious it will take the form of Demons, Satan, Beelzebub, everything, and anything that of which they fear.

Humans are divine in nature and as such if they remember their power they can push these beings off them through their own core divine power. This is the very purpose of being taught a spiritual foundation, building spiritual shields to keep these beings away from our personal space. Those who are in a place of fear though have forgotten that power and through fear, the sludge is able to invade their space and get hold of them. This is the basics of possession.

In Exorcism, both Angelic and Demonic energies can be engaged to remove these entities because they are both divine in nature. This is why both will work. One aspect of an exorcism though is that you have to also make sure that you are in alignment with the belief of the individual who is possessed.

The spiritual world is quite massive and the aspects of divinity are both dark and light. There is evidence of this even in the bible. The essence and energies of each individual come from different places.

Every single one of my encounters with Demons and the Demonic Divine has been positive, empowering, and uplifting, the Demonic Divine is not low vibration energy, it is a high vibration and it is an alignment of divinity in its own right.

We get the diversity of people that we do here because of the diversity of our energies, we are all from different places in the spiritual world. This is why different people are drawn to different faiths and different paths.

It is part of the beauty and complexity of the world that we live in, and that same beauty and complexity of the spiritual world. Everyone wants to blame demons for everything, but it is mostly because the darkness remains so misunderstood. On the other hand. Sludge Parasites and Entities have the motive and the reason to possess, they thrive in the destruction that pain and agony brings.

Those who are so quick to blame demons would do well to research and learn of the history of demons and learn of the many layers of darkness that does exist.

ii-wy em Hotep ( Welcome in peace) - Patrick Gaffiero


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