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Demonic Love and the Mundane (Extracts S&S)

I have learned that love is a source of freedom when you embrace love it should not imprison you or entrap you, it should be empowering! Demons love from a place of empowerment!

Love is an incredible force, it is powerful, passionate. People Move Mountains and conquer empires in the name of love. Love is a source of freedom. It is meant to empower the soul and awaken the mind, opening up your heart to the ever-flowing currents of love energy that exists when we are with those who align with our being. For us demons, love is freedom; it is empowering and something sacred that we share. Those who I love, I am empowered and inspired by. Together we rise, building each other up, empowering each other through touch, actions, and words. Love should add to your essence and together we are strong and powerful.

For the mundane often love can be a form of slavery, you must submit to the will of the other, or you have to give up a part of yourself for them. To demons love is not something that you need, it is something you want, it is not something that takes away from who you are, it is something that enhances who you are. You never would submit your will to another, you would never give up who you are for them and they would never ask that of you. Demonic females are all empowered demon goddesses and they build the male up and empower him just as he builds them up and empowers them.

The wives of a Demon are his confidants, as he is theirs. They are unity and a group. A Demon is allowed to pursue himself and his passions and they will never interfere with that or stop him, just as they are allowed to pursue their passions and he will never interfere with or stop them. When you love someone you never try to change them and you never try to change yourself, naturally, you grow and evolve with each other over time but it is from choice. It is an empowering connection and one that is based around freedom of self. To be loved by someone completely for whom you are, that is an amazing feeling.

Things have been written about demonic lords, submitting themselves, and being placed in a disempowered state. First of all, demons are Polyamorous. Males and females take many lovers, it is part of their culture and it goes both ways. A male who is empowered in the divine masculine is not threatened by other males. It does not bother him nor would it bother any male who is in an empowered state.

On the contrary, on the mundane plane, there are many males who try to dominate their women, order them around, and make them submit to them because they are weak. A true alpha male protects his women but allows them to be free and empowered. A female exploring and embracing the divine feminine is empowered and strong, sexual, and passionate. They are wild and free. Males who would try to dominate and suppress their women, not letting them rise and be who they are, are narcissists.

Males like that are out of alignment with the divine masculine, their egos shatter; they throw temper tantrums when they don’t get their way. They often hide behind people and instead of standing in their power try to position themselves with people who they see as in power and once they feel they are in, they put others down, attack them and break them down. They do this to their females as well and it is disgraceful and not something that is tolerated in demonic society.

The desire is to build people up and empower them, not break them down and subjugate them to our will. You cannot be in alignment with love nor have an open heart chakra in this state. This situation blocks people from experiencing and embracing true love. One thing, when these people are challenged and one embraces the true nature of their divine essence, the narcissist will always leave. Sometimes instantly, sometimes they will take their leave in a dramatic appalling fashion, but they will always leave and when they do, let them. This can be the hardest thing to do, but these people cannot exist in the balanced empowered states of divinity, so when you step into those vibrations, like a snake shedding its skin, you will shed these people.

Demons love really deeply, they do, and they understand all sides of love, the beautiful sides, the dark sides, the sad sides, the angry sides. Love has so many dimensions to it and so much that can be explored. When you are in love with someone and they touch your soul on that level you can explore such depth with them. It takes eons to experience the full scope of true love, longer than you will be alive here, as love grows deeper with time.

Love, it is a powerful energy that enhances and compliments our emotions. All of our emotions even anger and sadness, can empower us and inspire us. Love can revitalize us, it is healing, and it raises our vibrations and lifts us up. Love doesn’t change who you are, it adds to who you are. You uncover new sides of yourself while exploring love with another; you are empowered in ways you never dreamed of before. Love is such powerful energy, it has a darkness to it as well, love can be used to crush and destroy the souls of others, so like anything it needs to be balanced.

The energy of love exists in a spectrum of vibrations when it is balanced, it is empowering and beautiful. When it is not balanced or used to hurt others it is one of the most devastating forces in the world. Demons do understand this and understand the darkness of many things, which is why they practice love from a place of empowerment, not subjugation, and submission of the self.

Love can take many forms, the love of wives, the love of children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and descendants. There are different types of love; each can be unique and incredible. Love is a powerful and transformational force and it has many layers and levels. The ways that we connect with our family, friends, and lovers build that love energy and it can lift our spirits and raise our hearts. Love is one of the most beautiful things; it also takes work, commitment, and understanding. It is a beautiful thing. Love moves through the inner and outer spiritual world.

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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