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Creating Ripples

People lose sight that ego is great but it must be tempered or it becomes a gnawing beast that devours all things that are good.

A substantiated ego knows when self is paramount and when self is a part of something greater. Dragon rouge is a hodgepodge of many things fused together and named Luciferianism.

Luciferianism is and always will be a religion of liberation from the trappings of societal acceptance and mental sloth... Therefore only those strong enough to be outcasts, with a will to disregard society as any modicum of civility or normalcy and a mind to question things and ask why why why... Are Luciferians.

There are those selling demons like cheap whores in a back-alley brothel. And people love them for it because people, in general, are not Luciferian they are blind followers looking to be led. Anyone who has to live off the occult is a hack... A practicing Luciferian can make a name for themselves using occult techniques... But not sell the occult and need to obtain subsistence from it.

Michael Ford writes as if he's an expert on everything ever in the occult. People think anything and everything is Luciferianism and we can thank Ford for that. His books are borderline self-help moreso than occult.

One thing to remember, the occult "community" eats itself like an ouroboros, I've always stayed away from any community and choose alliances carefully with the established few who were different enough not to steal from us.

Alliances can last forever if chosen from the few, the occult community... Sit on the outskirts and let members find you when they are done rampaging.

The Church Of Lucifer always had ties with Setians and Satanists displeased with TOS and COS politics, they understand our differences best. Many will come because we offer something different that those groups don't. They realize they are followers following a lie. We are a mirror that does not flatter.

LVX - Patrick Gaffiero

34th Generation High Priest - Church Of Lucifer


Tommaso Raucci
Tommaso Raucci
May 04, 2022
facing our fears, we will find gnosis, knowledge, so we will be more men, at least and less confused, by human theories and therefore, more divine

Apr 25, 2022

I've just left the witches, pagans, shaman and old souls group on Facebook. The reason being is that i get the feeling a lot of that group are trapped here in the third density. Who's got the flying time in ? May as well be quoting scripture reading edited books. I'm writing this from an ego perspective ..i'm not using the attainment. someone spent 20 years of study and reading ...didn't want a logical debate ...apparently I'm not an armed person I know what we exist within, i know why the magick works comprehension and awareness says ..don't walk down dead ends ..ain't nothing there. Anyway, i was hoping to meet someone who's been as deep as an Indian swarmi /yogi ...and…

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