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Creating and Programming Servitors

Austin Osman Spare was clearly influenced by psychodynamic theories of the self, as well as Eastern ones, and the general magickal theory he passed on to us embody these ideas. Primarily concerned with motivation (desire), Spare wrote in "The Book of Pleasure": "The 'self' is the 'Neither-Neither,' nothing omitted, indissoluble, beyond prepossession; dissociation of conception by its own invincible love is the only true, safe, and free...This Self-Love is now declared by me the means of evolving millions of ideas for pleasure without love, or its synonyms-self-reproach, sickness, old age, and death. The Symposium of self and love. O! Wise Man, Please Thyself."

So what Are Servitors? Servitors are energy light beings generated out of and connected to our own "I AM" consciousness being that we create to do our bidding.

A servitor is energy a magician makes sentient for some purpose. Most creations begin with the spoken word, "Let there be light" or words to that effect. To create sentience simply take a bit of energy and tell it to be. Once you create sentience, you are responsible to help define it and give it instruction. Otherwise, you'll end up with wasted energy at best or a horror story at worst.

Be as vague or detailed as you wish in your instruction but remember they are likely to take their own steps in defining themselves, and you don't always have to approve but definitely don't discourage everything they do.

As they mature they can acquire energy for sustenance from various sources but just like spending time with parents, from time to time they will prefer to derive energy from their creator. Be generous, what may be a little energy for you may be a huge deal to them. Let them do their work and have fun. Servitors come in all forms and with different values. Be proud of them and be responsible, after all, sentience is a touchy thing.

If you are designing a servitor to wake you up then it needs very little sentience and very little freedom. If you are creating a tulpa to be your chief of staff then it will require a great deal of sentience and a great deal of energy. In this case, in terms of energy, I discourage having the creator also being the energy source. That makes the servitor a parasite. Instead have the servitor have its own energy source, like prana or chi. Of course, you must empower it in its conception.

What you want your servitor to do will determine how you create it. There are several models for servitors. Everything from a simple machine to God-form and anything in between. Your mileage may vary to mine.

How do we go about creating & programming our Servitor?

Step 1 - Visualize a vortex body of spiritual vibration energy forming right next to you. Use your internal, and external energy to form the spiritual body.

Step 2 - Feel it already in existence. Focus on this feeling until you feel the spiritual body is complete.

Step 3 - Give your servitor a name, a sigil (symbol), and an object to reside in when it is inactive.

Step 4 - Program your servitor by manifesting through it your will, and the task at hand. Program its name. You can give it several tasks. It is best not to limit how it can manifest your desires. Instruct it on what you want, and keep the method vague. Servitors have no limitations so they can manifest what you want in limitless ways.

Step 5 - Release your servitor to go do your bidding by releasing your attachment to it, forget about it, get on with your day, and the astral servant will manifest the task you gave it in your reality when you least expect it.

A servitor's energy source is your love, gratitude, and you are occasionally spending some time with them. You can program them to receive energy from the multiverse as well. It is beneficial to build a good relationship with your servitor. It makes them want to perform your will more willingly when you have a good bond with them. If you no longer require the servitor, destroy it by manifesting its dispersal, consequently, it will merge with the collective consciousness.

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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