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Connecting with Demons

Over the years I have found that one of the most effective ways to connect and work with demons is through honoring them and inviting them into your space. Of course, this is no walk in the park. My focus has never been on mastery over rituals, but mastery over myself. Once the self is mastered the rituals become second nature.

On any spiritual path, one should be committed to mastery of the self, albeit all spiritual paths are individual because what the individual brings to the table makes it thus. Growth is hard and challenging on any scale. I highly advocate that one should be committed to the essence of self-mastery and work hard at mastering the self and one's abilities.

The more work we put in, the more we train our minds, bodies, and souls, the more we practice and train our skills and abilities, the easier it is to connect with and work with these powerful entities. They can see the work that we pour into ourselves, committing to the development of self with discipline and mastery. When we make contact with them because we have trained ourselves and mastered our abilities, the communication process is facilitated, we can hear their words and we can follow their advice and guidance.

Working with demons is not to be taken lightly, they are powerful and they are hard mentors, their lessons are harsh and sometimes seem cruel, but they know how to get results, and when you work with them, you have to be in a position where you can hear the advice and follow the guidance.

When you work at self-mastery you honor the code that the demons follow, which is working to better the self and reclaim your power. When you are disciplined in your spiritual development, you come from a place where you have the skill to approach them, honor them, and listen to their words.

When you set off from this place and open the door to working with them they know they are working with someone who is serious and ready to grow and learn. Someone who is ready to hear their wisdom, and listen to what they have to share. You have demonstrated that you are ready, and they will join you and guide you.

Rituals are powerful, they are highly respectful and they do call for self-mastery. You will know you have succeeded by the result you obtain, that is the path of mastery, the path of success.

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero

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Are you for real I want to find the path but there is so much disinformation

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