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Cogito Ergo Sum

For many years I have practiced the Occult ... yet seeing me walking down the street, you wouldn’t think that (all my collection of occult tattoos are usually hidden unless it’s summer and HOT!!) ... jeans, top, boots... Always hanging around artists and quirky cafes ... not really saying much, observing and taking in most of the time... Of course I believe to be an expert in my field, professionally and as an Occultist but ... and here is the BUT...

The problem of being good at what you do, like most experts will agree, is that you are often called to assist people who, for some reason, find themselves in dire straits and want you to cure the problem by some kind of magick or wizardry, either of a professional or occult nature. Often they find themselves in trouble because of their own fault.

This extract hereunder illustrates the way I sometimes feel...

“The final insult came when was called to the sickbed of the wealthy churchman, Cornelius von Lichtenfels. The old Canon had been declared dying by his own doctors – the same professors of the Faculty at Basle. Von Lichtenfels offered one hundred guilders for a successful cure. Paracelsus prescribed three doses of a medicine, purgation, and diet, and claimed that the old Canon’s condition had been misdiagnosed and not understood by his attending physicians. Von Lichtenfels was soon free of pain and shortly after was on his feet again, completely cured. He conveniently forgot both his suffering and his promise. He paid Paracelsus the usual six guilder fee claiming that this was sufficient for a single consultation and three doses of medicine.”

Many people inquire as to how magick works. Sure, I have explained it many times. I have even helped a few individuals onto the path, but always with the intention that at a crossroad, they will decide what tradition within occultism they would like to work with since we are all different.

So let’s get to Luciferianism. It is loosely defined at best, and perhaps at worst impossible to dictate any real dogma, so the Luciferian path is of one’s own adaptation of the idea of Lucifer as the Morning Star, as a fallen angel, and the trickster Prometheus, who stole fire from the Gods.

A rebel, perhaps, but not as destructive or single-minded as some left-hand path practitioners who talk about “annihilation through darkness” and other such things. Nevertheless, the Luciferian path can be seen as an experiment, and nobody can guarantee any results for you, although we, The Order Council are willing to share our experiences with you, especially if you too find it within yourself to know already that you are on the path of occultism or Luciferianism, or both.

Magick works if you are willing to work with Magick. To do that you need to study for years. The results will vary according to what you are willing to put in. Nobody can “give” you magick, the big secret here is that you already possess everything you need deep within you, your work is to uncover the layers of shit that prevent you from being the awesome god/goddess that you already are, and propel you into becoming the deity you seek to emulate.

All members of this Council, give their time unconditionally and are constantly working and developing, we too are far from perfect. But we have gone a hell of a lot further than some out there who have started out working with the occult, and just because they can do a pentagram ritual without looking at the paper, think they have become masters of the universe.

Together towards the Light.

LVX - Patrick Gaffiero


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