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Clarity and Magick

I feel the need to clarify that I am, first an Occultist, and then a Luciferian. Luciferianism is the path I have chosen to express myself and the work I do, not the other way round.

I am overwhelmed by all the messages I receive, I would love to help and also I would love to teach, but to attain certain levels of magickal progression, this cannot be done through a book, over the internet or by chat alone.

A magical initiation, in my opinion, is a must and your chosen teacher needs to be at hand, not thousands of miles away. Any Occultist undertaking teaching people whist not being in direct physical contact is, in my opinion, foolhardy at best and very irresponsible at worst.

Right then, so back to the Magick...

So, in the beginning, you start life in a certain physical place, at a certain time, trapped inside a physical body, locked in a material universe, and chained by society’s limited understanding of you. You then decide to break out of prison, you plan your escape.

By what tools will you use for your escape and how will you reintegrate yourself? How will you deal with your situation? Accept your fate until your next reincarnation? Grow? Adapt? Evolve?

There are aspects of you that are pure but there are aspects of you that were tainted during your fall. To work your way back to the Garden of Eden and reclaim your throne as God, you must map the Universe. You start by finding the different forces and influences and mapping them, making symbols.

Now, understand that many have traversed this road before, so you can avail yourself of symbols that are already there and which are also charged by the many that walked the path before you.

You work with each one of these forces and discover they are a universe in themselves, from which everything can be perceived, and you reintegrate them into a purer form until your understanding of the universe reaches a certain point where you transcend the limitations of the material and mundane, and you comprehend the mystery.

That is the point of doing magick. Invoking demons and angels, bringing elementals forth, conjuring the zodiacal or planetary energies, those are just the tools.

Occultists, to me, are like Oak trees, first comes the acorn, our purpose in life, our potential to become an Oak tree. Then comes the roots, these are the qualities that are part of our potential like our creativity or intelligence. Then come the branches, these are our strategies for expressing our qualities, then, last but not least come the leaves, the expression of our potential put into action.

ii-wy em Hotep -Patrick Gaffiero


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