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Put simply the Occult is mysterious, hidden, or secret knowledge. In itself, it is not a good or evil thing but takes on such a character depending on the use to which it is applied.

For change to take place all it takes is exposure to the inexplicable intelligence guiding it. There is a prerequisite for holding congress with the Greek notion of Chaos: You must die and return to it without physical death. What I mean is that your psyche must undergo a transformation. Your mind is your prison.

Not your intelligence quotient, not your emotional intelligence, and not your bank account. How you perceive yourself, others, and the world. That must die. Nationalism must die, politics must die, race must die. Sex must die. Religion must die. Everything that people wrongly identify their being as. The lies you tell yourself end at death. Why not seek to end them in life? This has vastly greater utility.

Impossible you say? This thing of the transformation of the psyche must by nature be both severe and a matter dangerously delicate. This is initiation. There is only one who guards initiation, who stands at the gates of time and matter. That Darkness has a thousand names in a thousand times in a thousand places.

I'm an ivory tower type and of the opinion, that mingling with herds leads to a strengthened immune system, but a weakened resolve. I have however put a lot of mind power into imagining what sort of magical entity should exist institutionally in public. Or it's just that successful ones don't tell publicly that they had their success because of occultism? It might be a case of "Those who know, don't say; those who say don't know".

Em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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