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Care to deal with this Devil?

The word Occult has a very old meaning, it comes from the old Latin word “Occultus” the study of the hidden, secret, paranormal. The word occultus has also been referred to as a science or a class in school.

In a way, we all study the Occult in some way or another, whenever we ponder on space, learn new concepts, new sciences, whenever we perform meditation or go on a spiritual journey, whenever we learn some other aspect of looking at life. All these can be broken down into deeper thoughts or understanding. And religions are part of it as well, there is nothing separate as they do the same, studying the unknown.

An Occultist is a single person who studies the arts or the unknown, sometimes referred to as a witch or sorcerer. These people are focused on trying to understand further what is hidden. Today, the Occultist could be referred to as searching for god, or enlightenment or truth… Whatever it is it is all the same element, the Occult is the understanding of what we cannot see…

It is my opinion and it also has been proven that Governments, Entrepreneurs, and powerful organizations the world over are seeking to return to the times of old when the ruling factions of the time employed within their inner sanctum, wizards, sorcerers to guide them, give them counsel on such things that normal advisors could not. Such an example is the recent coming together of individuals like Bill Gates and Marina Abramovich. There is also clear proof that the American Government promotes witchcraft.

I have maintained for some time now that the ruling currency of this world is not monetary but energetic. That is where the Roman Catholic Church is at such an advantage over other ruling factions, they have for a long time understood the importance of the cultivation and utilization of such energies.

I am Maltese born and bred, therefore my first port of call and allegiance for the utilization of my services of an Occult nature has to be to the Maltese Government or a private investor that is operating from these shores, but should they show no interest to invest in such, then, seeing I have a huge following both in America, the Middle East, and Asia, I will consider working alongside any faction, private, governmental or otherwise where my skill-set could be put to good use.

The most important aspect here is to start investing in the Spiritual health of the people, something that had been entrusted to the Roman Catholic Church and it has failed at miserably. Indoctrination and fear are things of the past. If you want to make the world a better place you need to invest in energy and frequency, allowing the people to find themselves again, rather than wander about lost in a tirade of confusion, materialistic illusion, and altered realities.

Kid yourself not, the third world war is indeed Spiritual, I am offering my services to that faction that will promote, deliver, and instigate change. That faction that really has the interests of its people and those the world over at heart.

LVX - Patrick Gaffiero

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Nelita Perry
Nelita Perry
Jan 03, 2021

Thank you Brother.

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