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Blood, lust, and turning - The Unspoken Truth

Blood magick is an extremely powerful tool, Blood is the essence of life itself. Within it is the life force and the spirit of whatever you drew it from. Harnessing that in magick, making it the source of a spell’s power, produces large results.

Blood magick can be used for any end, but the use of blood in magick isn’t always appropriate or needed. It will greatly empower any spell, but some spells are better left bloodless.

Beyond the health concerns when working with blood, the magick woven with blood tends to be permanent. You’ll have an extremely hard time undoing it. Curses performed by an adept magickian utilizing blood could last generations. Spelling something with your blood ties you to it. Your very life essence is put into the spell and burns at the core.

Many circles will tell you that blood curses will rebound, but many are also the same circles that say all curses will rebound. Your skill is majorly what will decide whether your spell will turn on you or not. Blood magic is something to use cautiously. It isn’t something that one should use sparingly. Decide that it is something that should be done or must be done before anything is done.

A blood spell is usually a binding ritual that combines two souls into one being.

Some time ago I wrote about my encounter with a real-life Vampyr. I detailed the encounter, a delightful experience indeed but … and there is a but …. Many of you fantasize about uncovering the secrets of the Vampire, lured in by folklore and myth … the truth is not so pretty though, the turning and once you choose to copulate you will turn, is no walk in the park…

Not many people know of what I speak. You will have to search long and hard to uncover these guarded secrets, if you truly want this, prepare to enter a dark, hidden world. Persist in your search ruthlessly. What you seek does exist.

You will maintain a much more youthful appearance, your senses will be heightened, your body will age more gracefully, you will see, hear, feel things that before were obscure to you. In your daily life, you will seek to feed, sexually, energetically, and through your swan donations... When you copulate you must understand that you are now sharing a rather redefined energy. It is not uncommon for your counterparts to start feeling heightened sensations and their senses sharpen drastically.

Vampyr are bound to certain rules regarding stipulative behavior. They must be invited into a place called home by those who reside within a structure ~ the home representing a mirror of the person themselves as a household. A Vampyr is unnatural, a blight upon the eye of Nature & each one among them needs blood as a focus & driving force to exist, each one is a contaminant. Averting the attention of a being that walks, glides among shadows, and stalks unerringly. -”Walk with caution, sleep with whispered prayer as last word spoken, else stranger come unbidden and chain of life be broken.”

Now if you're asking for the so-called “real vampire”… That one who knows… Maybe you've met one already but never realized it. Maybe there are none left. Maybe there never were any vampire-like beings, to begin with… maybe, so many maybes….

Unless like most vampires you have the skill to sense energy your not going to be able to pick them out of a crowd. And even then it's usually by noticing how energy reacts to them rather than the actual person themselves that allows you to spot them. Yes, they are a real human subspecies. Their soul has just been tweaked a bit and due to their gene change... their metabolism changed as well. That’s why they have narcissistic behavior. It’s an evolutionary defense mechanism, as well as a way for them to acquire prey by asking it kindly (some do) or by force (heavy manipulation and/or physical force).

They not only feed on blood. On “good emotions” as well. They are narcissists, following their self-awareness and... Agenda. Ranging from mild to severe... You can compare them all to cats: they play with their prey, before consuming them.

You can choose to become one of them should you wish. But most people cannot handle that long-lasting life and commit suicide. You need to be quite intelligent and resourceful as a person to become a real vampire. I suggest you to just die if your moment comes, because… Choosing to become a vampire is choosing to halt your spiritual evolution for a very long time.

Humans are like butterflies. Our bodies are just meat suits. It’s thanks to our own life experiences and deaths we grow our soul to the point of reaching back to the source again. We are as much a part of a divine source as that divine source is a part of us. By choosing to become a Vampyr, you essentially choose to focus on one life experience only. This is not healthy for your soul. Pyramids have different pillars to stand on.

Choosing the life of a Vampyr can be considered as to one choosing to become a pyramid, resting on one pillar. If you are not careful. sooner or later… You’ll crumble.

Ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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