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Black Magick Curses

They come in all shapes and sizes and can vary in power and force. Though there is one type of curse in particular that I would like to talk about. Most of us who walk this path can understand how powerful the mind is and how potent our thoughts can be. Those of us who have walked this path for a long time understand the importance of mental mastery and being in a contemplative mode over a reactive mode.

One of the reasons mental mastery is so important is that when you begin to understand your power and gain control of the energies around you, is that you can accidentally hurt someone by intent. Just by getting annoyed and frustrated at someone and lashing out at them, you can accidentally send a ball of negative energy at them without even wanting to. One who is of a powerful mind needs to be in control of the energies they are sending out and to who they might be sending energy.

I have walked a darker path for a while now. When I was younger I used to get horribly mad at someone and verbally lash out at them. I could feel the hatred and anger towards this person and be so upset with them. The next day this person who I was angry at ended up in the hospital. I was very temperamental and when I was upset I often lost my temper and found that unfortunate things would happen to those I lashed out at.

As my journey in the darker arts progressed I found out I was lacking Mental Mastery.

When I lashed out, even verbally, at these people I was creating a semi-curse and was essentially hurling it at them without intending to. Now mind you, such a curse usually would not be as extreme as a crafted curse, or a ritual curse, but a negative energy curse can still do some damage. In rare cases, depending on the power of the individual, it can do some extreme damage. The intense energies of rage being blasted at another, combined with an esoteric and magickal background can form into energy that resembles a curse. This negative energy when directed at another, especially if you are verbally engaging that person can hit them hard and it can hurt them, manifesting in a variety of ways.

One thing being on this path has trained me to do is to fall into reflective mode over-reactive mode. If something lashed out at me or verbally goes after me I will actually stop and not respond right away. I need to calm myself, center myself, and respond from a place of logic and clarity.

If the situation is extreme and an emotional response happens it will manifest as anxiety because I know damn well what a lash out from me can potentially do. So I will point it inward and ground myself. I try to just remain calm and grounded, but if I need to I have a backup to prevent a curse from forming and hurling itself at the one who has aggravated me. I work at mental mastery daily. Our energies can be extremely harmful when combined with emotions that are out of control.

For all my knowledge in curse work, I don’t cast them that often, because for me, they have to be warranted, I do not take this frivolously or lightly, and I will assess everything, ruling out all physical measures that can be taken before I will even consider a curse.

When you practice, watch your emotions, they can unintentionally hurt someone and in some cases, if someone is very powerful, they can accidentally curse someone. I have put a few people in the hospital before I got my emotions under control. If one can sense and knows how to deal with these energies it is usually not so bad, especially if they have shields. But an individual who does not have any occult knowledge and knows nothing about shields, they can get pretty hurt.

Mental Mastery, one of the foundational skills! Very important!

Em Hotep -Patrick Gaffiero

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