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Banish And Return To Sender (Reverse Candle Spell).

This is a practical candle spell that will draw its energy from the element of fire. It should work very quickly once the ritual is completed. Choose a darker candle if you feel there is gossip or ill intentions towards you or your loved ones that need to be returned to the sender. Candle colors of brown tones are for healing the household or for office protection.

Black candles are mainly for jinxes and hex’s, banishing and removing negative energies such as the Evil Eye. Both colors will work well and return the unwanted remarks, negative forces and energies back to the sender, releasing you of any karma or responsibility and freeing you and yours of these Negative Energies and frequencies that do not belong to you. This is a two-hour ritual and once the candle goes out, it is done. You may like to do this on the dark moon phase of the last quarter or the Balsamic Moon Phase just before the New Moon.

What you'll need:

1. Black or Brown candle or reverse red and black candle, or black skull candle.

2. Needle or Nail, Thorn or Quill.

3. Dried Red Pepper Flakes.

3. White Sage, Rue or Hyssop Flakes (optional).

4. Olive, Rue or Hyssop Oil 5. Mirror.

6. Candle holder.

7. Circle of salt if desired.

8. Tweezers.

9. Brown paper or newspaper.

Firstly decide on your intention and the outcome you would like to see. Sit down and meditate for a bit, focus on your intention, then write it out on a small card or piece of paper so you can recall it as you progress through this ritual. Choose the colored candle you feel suits your intention. Choosing the candle shape depends on your own personal taste, votive candles, tapers, figurines or beeswax for instance. It’s always good to have a few different moods colored candles around the home or office space. Once you have the ingredients ready for this ritual spell, mix the oils to suit and dress your candle. Try your own homespun aromatics if preferred or you can use the traditional rue or hyssop oil in some olive oil with a few added red pepper flakes to anoint the candle from top to bottom, and then back up again.

Decide what you want to carve on your candle. A simple pin, nail or firm feather quill will suffice. A thorn from the Hawthorn tree (Crataegus oxyacantha) is a favored sacred tool in Wicca and it is considered to be particularly potent for carving on black candles or reverse spell red and black candles. Carve your intentions into the candle, which you want to infuse this Reverse Spell ritual with. You can write ‘Return To Sender’ once or as many times as you like, along with any other notes or points you would like to record.

Once you’re happy with your candle carving, roll it in crushed White Sage, Rue or Hyssop Flakes. Place the candle into its holder and put it on top of the mirror, or alternatively place the mirror so that it faces and reflects outwards, out of your home or office, preferably towards the back door or back window, or in the general direction of the ill will. The mirror will amplify, direct and make haste your ritual. You may like to place the candle on top of the mirror which will strengthen and magnify the energy towards the higher realms to be acknowledged by the Prime Creator where it will be returned back to where the evil intent truly belongs.

Put a circle of salt around the border of the candle now if you want for added protection and purification. Place one drop of oil on the wick and let it gently flow down over the whole candle, you are now ready to light the candle. Read your prepared words of power that you have written or recall your intention openly in your own words, try not to dither or get distracted. Stay focused! Call upon patron Saint Expedite or Saint George for a timely expulsion with your request. Ask for Angels to surround oneself and one’s house with Divine Protection at all times. Ask that any negative frequencies left behind in any aspect of the home, office or garden, be located, isolated, be removed. Dust your house! Negative energy tends to accumulate in dust. This will help to protect all that live there.

With the power of the written words now said and done, it is time to take the card or piece of paper with your written intentions on it, and place it over the flame while holding it with a pair of tweezers or similar. Wait for the paper to burn out. Meditate on your intention once again and repeat it out loud so that the negative energy is never to return, ever. If the flame goes out then that’s a sign this Reverse Spell ritual is now done. Otherwise wait and allow the candle to burn down till the wick flame no longer exists. Gather up all the ashes and wax, wrap it up in brown paper or newspaper and throw it away. Repeat on 3 Black Moons for the best results.

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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