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“Father how dost thy claim to be just and loving? Thou banish me and threw upon me the sins of man! Thy Kingdom is only reached upon rejection of I... Why such betrayal? Why such Hate? Dost thy know no mercy? You layeth upon me the stigma of "evil" and make me suffer such sorrows, Alas, you have fooled mankind!"

Thy light shineth not, in shackles thine love. Injustice dost the Lord of Lords indulge among the ignorant masses. Gluttony and all deadly sins he embraces, the mirror thou labels humanity, image thou created. Contradictory punishments dost thee -the host provides, a hideous gift raineth down the atmosphere of earth, poisoneth thou children of dirt and water.

My love you twisteth, and miracles you condemn! Sickened of mankind you grew, while Mine, the True Bearer of Light, brought to the children of Adam and Eve consciousness and sight!

Floods and Death you- Yahweh The King of Moses fell the people of the earth, Plagues upon their children, disease, and famine, wars of daughter against mother, and son against father, killeth without mercy, all that liveth and breath!

But Mine love endless, to the peoples, I showeth them knowledge, the tree of knowing, Thine own apple of life. I buildeth them this ARK to hideth thine people from your merciless wrath, Through the deluge, I gave them Mine hand!

Your divine judgment of scorn, fire, and brimstone never endeth! This dwelling abode earth you named Hell, but it is Mine kingdom that thou raineth greed and despaireth upon, your false religions, lies, and stigma!

Proposeth I to all those who have fallen from God's embrace, thy angels, man, and creature, I love thee with all Mine heart, and for you all, I would fall a thousandfold more"

ii-wy em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero


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